How to Create a Memorable Corporate Event

May 16, 2022 Jessica Stewart

As the nation moves out of the Covid-19 pandemic, event trade shows have been steadily increasing in New York City. Are you looking to get back together with clients and colleagues? Planning corporate events in NYC can make your next gathering stand out in the biggest city in the world.

Creating memorable event trade shows means choosing a great venue, creating a theme, and choosing a mood that suits your guests and event. As a New York event planner, your guests will leave a solid impression of your company, brand, or product.  

Check out how to plan a memorable corporate event.

Choose the Perfect Venue for Corporate Events in NYC

Whether it's a rooftop restaurant overlooking the New York City skyline, an art gallery, or a dance club, choosing the right venue is essential for the best event planner conferences. You'll see how unique venues can make events exciting and different at event planner expos. Your guests may want to attend just because the venue is special!

Much will depend on the size of your crowd but choose a venue where everyone can fit comfortably. 

Don't know what to do about catering? Venues offer menu options, or you can always choose to cater from one of the city's fantastic restaurants.

Be sure to visit any potential venue beforehand to make sure it suits your needs. Ask questions about catering, parking, and even overnight accommodations nearby. 

Create a Theme

At the best event planner conferences, you'll see how creating and choosing a theme will make your corporate event fun! When selecting a theme as a New York event planner, be sure it's something that's relevant and fits the company culture.

Mardis Gras, a big band, carnival, or a luau, can work as themed corporate events. Event planner conferences can show you the benefits of how people enjoy getting dressed up in their favorite costumes and listening to music relevant to the theme.

You can also choose an appropriately themed menu.

Choose a Mood

Event planner expos will show you how installing lighting and video screens will get people excited about the event. Your guests won't want to walk into a stale room.

Create drama with your company's logo and branding as part of the lighting and fixtures. You can use video screens to show product demos or even testimonials from clients and customers.

Fill the venue with gifts, giveaways, and trinkets to remind people of the visit. When guests leave with items containing your logo, they will remember it for a long time. Event speakers, such as the ones at the event planner expo, can also help be part of the mood.

Creating Memorable Corporate Events in NYC

The best corporate events in NYC begin by choosing a great venue, creating a theme, and selecting a mood for your guests. Following these simple rules will make your next event memorable for all who attend.

Networking with like-minded event planners can help you get to the next level.

If you want to learn the best in corporate event planning, check out more information about the Event Planner Expo 2022. We hope to see you there!

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