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June 29, 2019 Susan Serena

When event planners are searching for a venue in New York City, Manhattan seems to be the first go to because...well…who doesn’t love that skyline backdrop?

But venues in New York City that have that amazing view are not only seen from the streets of Manhattan. You can catch that Big Apple feel from Long Island City too. Yes! Remember Queens? It’s still on the map!

Photo by: Firefly Events

In the heart of Long Island City, The Bordone was born and offers event planners in New York two ample levels of raw event space to host both corporate and social events. Their rooftop level is where the penthouse hosts its best parties, and you get two levels of penthouse to deliver an unforgettable experience for up to 500 guests.

The two-leveled penthouse at The Bordone has a rooftop and an outdoor terrace that are perfect for a:

  • Corporate holiday party
  • Team building event
  • Photo shoots
  • Product launch
  • Seminar
  • Cocktail party
  • Bachelor/bachelorette party
  • Birthday party
  • Anniversary party
  • Wedding
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Banquets
  • Movie shoot
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Private dinner
  • and so much more!

Photo by: Chaz Cruz

For event planners looking for the perfect venue in New York, here’s what you’ll get at The Bordone:

Third Floor: Interior - 5,000 square ft with 6,000 square ft outdoor terrace. 
Penthouse Interior - 2,000 square ft with 3,000 square ft rooftop.

You can rent the two levels separately or you can book them both together depending on the needs for your event.

The Bordone is now considered a leading event venue with their unmatched outdoor space in Long Island City. The panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline are not the only thing this venue in New York provides. To help complete your event goals, you can use their space as a canvas to create your vision and then bring in your own décor, furniture rentals, catering, lighting, and entertainment.

Photo by: BLK Chai

On the 3rd floor where you’ll be offered 5,000 square feet of indoor space and approximately 6,000 square feet of outdoor space, you can bring in a minimum of 100 guests and it has the capacity to host up to 300 people which is perfect for events that consist of dining and dancing.

If it’s more of a cocktail party where guests will mostly mingle on their feet, then the space can accommodate up to 500 guests. Since it’s a large space, this venue in New York would be an excellent choice for a large wedding or a variety of corporate events.

The penthouse at The Bordone is measured at 2,000 square feet of indoor space with an additional 3,000 square feet on the rooftop. Here’s where event planners in New York would choose to host a dinner party of up to 75 seated guests, or a networking event that would house up to 150 guests.

If you manage or own a venue in New York and you would like to be featured on our website, feel free to contact us today to get your space listed on a site that will introduce your location to Event Planners in NYC.

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