Best Tactics for Exhibitors to Engage Attendees at The Event Planner Expo

September 26, 2019 Susan Serena

Some of the top event vendors in NYC have voiced disliking mobile devices at events because of how distracting they can be, especially during a trade show or expo. However, the truth is that mobile devices aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Instead of fearing your attendees being distracted, you should come up with ways to integrate mobile devices at events to benefit you.

Keeping your attendees engaged in person at The Event Planner Expo with the following tips will increase your interaction.

Mobile Devices Are Here to Stay

A research study conducted by IMEX America & MPI demonstrated that 40% of surveyors agreed that representatives should turn their mobile devices off and put them away as soon as the meeting begins to gain attention. Since the average person owns more than one device according to Wireless Attention, it is nearly impossible to avoid mobile disruption from your event. If you insist on banning the use of mobile devices at events, you will run the risk of losing your attendees interest and attention altogether. So how do you use mobile devices to your advantage?

Well, since mobile devices are here to stay, you ought to embrace them and look at them as an opportunity to encourage in-person “connectivity” and interaction. Since they’re going to be distracted anyway, make sure they’re distracted by the event! Here’s how to distract them:

Live Polling

One of the most efficient ways top event management companies engage attendees is to ask their audience questions during the breakout sessions or while they’re strolling through the exhibitor’s area. The challenge here is that not all professionals are comfortable with raising their hand when a speaker asks a question, but they would still like to voice their input so provide them with a platform that will allow their voice to be heard without them actually saying it out loud. Live polling through an event app is an excellent way to keep your attendee’s attention on the topic at hand. Asking simple questions like “What city are you from?” is a great way to collect data that will entice interest and keep them engaged. As the attendees choose their answers through the meeting app, you can stream the answers in real-time right at your booth, or if you’re speaking, right on a display screen on stage. Why would you want to show the results right away? It will take their eyes off of their mobile device and direct it towards you.

Social & Fun Activities

Everyone loves a good and exciting game to play and adding a mobile device to the mix only makes it even more appealing. The most frequently downloaded app type is games and integrating a meeting app provided exhibitors and speakers with an opportunity to increase interaction with attendees. Top event management companies usually choose a classic game like a scavenger hunt to get their guests connecting to one another because it opens the door to a list of ways to encourage teamwork and communication. You can scatter a list of items with scannable QR codes that records when an item has been found and provides the user with the number of awarded points for that particular item.

As your participants are all engaged in the game and initiating conversations with one another, there should be a display screen (or multiple screens depending on the size of the allotted area), that will show real-time results. Presenting the data through a live feed, also known as a social wall, produces a more stimulating effect on the attendees. Seeing their name in lights adds an element of excitement to their competitive energy, and that “feel good” time is what they’ll remember most about their experience with you at The Event Planner Expo.

How attendees walk away from their contact with you plays a significant role in how likely they are to follow up with you after the expo.  Our mission is to provide top event management companies with ample ways to meet event professionals, attendees, and vendors that can help you shine in the events industry.

If you want more information about The Event Planner Expo 2019 lineup and what you can expect, check out this schedule right here! If you’d like more information on who you can expect to exhibit at this year’s expo, we have the list ready for you!


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