How Corporate Event Planners Are Connecting More with Attendees

April 18, 2019 Erica Maurer

Corporate events are not all about business, they’re also about people.

Corporate Event Planners in NY plan events with the goal of connecting a brand with its audience, generate leads, convert prospects into customers, motivate employees, increase followers, and land sponsors.

In order for Corporate Event Planners in NY to convey a brand’s message in an impactful way, it’s important that you know how to use events to change behaviors or opinions and develop profitable partnerships.

If you don’t know how to nurture relationships with people, it will be nearly impossible to accomplish your event goals. The whole concept of hosting a corporate event is to connect people, provide in-person communication, and help professionals engage with one another.

Except that it’s not always simple to bridge the gap between a brand and attendees.

Having the ability to communicate with a large group of professionals while identifying their concerns and interests can be a challenge.

Building a straightforward and honest form of communication with attendees is not necessarily an easy task.

So, what’s the best way for Corporate Event Planners in NY to do it? The Event Planner Expo team has some recommendations:

Keep the Attendees Best Interest at the Forefront

People know when someone is trying to pitch a sale to them or when you’re after landing a contract without offering anything in return. In order to make a better connection with your audience in a quicker way, focus your efforts on pitching the value your offer will deliver if they attend your event.

It’s important that you learn who your audience is and what challenges they’re facing so that you know what resolution to offer.

Your next step will be to produce content (via seminars, podcasts, roundtables, etc.) that is going to shed light on applicable actionable solutions that will help them overcome the issues they’re facing.

By adding a networking component to your event, you will also deliver excellent value.

For instance, you can assist attendees with building substantial relationships by planning in-person meetings with professionals that are relevant to their niche.

There’s plenty of ways you can demonstrate that your audiences’ needs are of concern to you. Make sure to display that their interests are at the top of your list of priorities.

Spark More Conversation to Connect with Attendees

Attendees are pretty much over being the receiving end of endless information without having a say on the topic at hand. It’s very old school for attendees to just sit back and listen to the keynote speaker for hours on end without getting a chance to interact or express their point of view.

To develop a connection with you attendees, you’re going to want to offer them the opportunity to voice their opinion.

That can be accomplished through live polls, where you ask each guest for their thoughts as the keynote speaker is talking, and you can suggest that they team up with attendees around them to review different topics.

The Personalized Approach

Attendees can feel when they’re receiving special attention from Corporate Event Planners whether it’s at a small or big event.

That attention can unfold in various way, however, the most productive thing you can do to truly connect more with attendees is deliver customized opportunities.

For instance, if you simultaneously run multiple workshops, you can allow attendees to develop their own event program built around topics that interest them. You can also invite them to take part in various activities and send out personalized notifications.

Break the Monotony

Knowing how to break the monotony is everything. It can make or break your guests’ entire experience. So, if you want to accomplish a deeper connection with attendees, it would be wise to contract a moderator that knows how to bring the balance to the event and change the mood in the room from serious to humorous.

This will generate a more relaxed ambiance and get attendees to loosen up which will motivate them to engage more and communicate.

Deliver a Holistic Experience

It’s going to be quite challenging to build a connection with your attendees if they’ve had a poor experience at registration or at their hotel check-in.

You must remember to map out their entire journey from beginning to end and include fun experiences that will make every step of your event’s logistics stress free and seamless.

Make sure all interactions are as easy as pie for attendees and they’ll be more likely to react positively to any message or form of communication from you.


It’s essential for you to build a sincere, honest connection with your attendees if your end goal is to deliver a transformative experience and make a real impact.

In order to achieve that, Corporate Event Planners in NY must focus on the interest of attendees and produce immense value by making the event more interactive and conversational. Use the personalized approach, hire a moderator that is known for being humorous, and be sure to deliver a holistic experience.

Have any ideas on how to connect more with attendees? We’d love to hear from you! If you’re a Corporate Event Planner in NY who would like to submit an article on ways to connect with the audience more at events, please contact us to be a guest blogger on our website!

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