Women Speakers Are All the Rage In Corporate Events

March 18, 2019 Susan Serena

Have you been to a corporate event lately where you can feel the anticipation in the air while the speaker was taking the stage? It feels like a refreshing excitement filled with purpose as the speaker begins to engage the audience. Usually this type of emotion at corporate events means that the speaker is a woman. There is a developing movement going on that is making history and has brought on a much-needed light on the significance and wisdom of the accomplishments and stories of women.

Highway to Diversity

During the 2019 annual celebration of International Women’s Day, one of the many themes that were trending was the whole #BalanceforBetter hashtag. We’re living in an evolving gender-balanced world where it is now required for both men and women to really commit to making changes that are going to transform and elevate our structural culture. A recent EY study indicates that businesses that have a good percentage of gender diversity are more likely to motivate department heads to work together towards creating new solutions, demonstrate a growing culture, and are better positioned to display strong leadership. The majority of the study exposed gender diversity was a major part of why these companies are becoming exceedingly more susceptible to solid profitable growth.

Embrace Fresh Perspectives

The highway to gender diversity at the office begins with incorporating perspectives that are new, diverse and inclusive.  The corporate events industry is taking a giant leap forward in order to echo a tapestry of voices that vibrate with developing audiences.  Meeting, conference and corporate event planners hold a predominantly influential position that impacts and provides balance to the front line and brightens the global discussion. The recipe is quite simple, just invite a woman speaker to take the stage and just watch how the audience’s minds begin to open up and the horizon expands.

Scouting a Woman Speaker

People always feel it’s quite a challenge to find empowering women speakers, but they’re not that hard to find after all. Chasing Light Speakers, is an agency that has empowering, all-women speakers. Often times they hear their clients mention, “I can only find men keynote speakers, are there any women out there?”  The answer is absolutely! This insight is transforming daily, since there are more women at the peak of every industry imaginable these days. From business and start-ups, to politics, technology, sports, science, education, literature, finance, arts, and religion, women are being recognized as leaders in every sector.  They are changing corporations, changing people’s lives, and structuring communities.  Women share inspiring and engaging stories as they light up any room they’re in.  They have the tendency to be open with communication, while being dynamic and filled with light. Their appealing stories reflect the firmness, inner strength and obligations they harnessed on the path to where they are today and that’s a relatable message everyone is able to embrace.

Empowering Voices

Women have become very skillful at effectively fostering and launching their own forums at corporate events. They are passionate when they share their knowledge, all while they create a professional and personal connection with their audience no matter what industry they’re in.

Some of the most prevalent women directed corporate conferences are: The Maker’s ConferenceThe Forbes Women’s Summit, and TEDWomen, amid many others.  A host of very influential networking groups for women are also on the rise and in recent times, some excellent women-only workspaces have been established like The Wing in Brooklyn, NY, Evolve Her in Chicago, and Modernwell in Minneapolis.

Audience Advantage

There is a steady rise of the ratio of women that are on boards of directors and it continues to steadily grow due to organizations like, 2020 Women on Boards, The 30% Coalition, and Direct Women.  These organizations have developed a strong foundation that share a mutual goal, which is to create a platform where women can flourish as they connect with other women by sharing their powerful knowledge and stories. The most efficient form of storytelling is not holding back information. Audiences benefit more from sitting in to listen to a keynote at corporate events when they get a soup to nuts version of their story. No one benefits from half the tale.

The Perfect Fit

The Event Planner Expo team encourages their clients to remember that at times the most essential and model speaker would be one who knows how to impact an audience and not necessarily someone who is outspoken or is a famous woman. You want to choose someone who is amazing in what they do and who would be able to provide solutions to event professionals. Yes, you may end up choosing someone who is lesser known, but if she’s relevant to the industry and can deliver information that your attendees will find useful, you win. Women of all shapes and colors have become experts in their own arenas so it won’t be hard to find someone who is a dynamic storyteller that is willing to share their stories and convey compelling messages that will help event professionals become more creative and successful in their fields.


In this unparalleled era of event significance and growth, it is quite beneficial to invite a woman to be the star at the front of the room and you will witness how the audience basks in the light of a really exciting and moving moment!

If you’re an experienced female keynote speaker, or know of one, who can contribute valuable points to the events industry, we’d love to hear from you! You may even have interest in participating in The Event Planner Expo, so please contact us!


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