How Corporate Event Planners Are Kicking It Up a Notch Up at Conferences

April 22, 2019 Susan Serena

Corporate event planners in NY typically put their all into organizing events like client events, business meetings, holiday parties, team building events, and conferences. Some conference planning is for are a one-day affair, and others are a week long. Nevertheless, making corporate events exciting is not the easiest task.

In a city as big as New York City where hosting a corporate event is a common task, Event Planners in NY must find new approaches to make sure that attendees are both entertained and engaged. In this technically evolving world we live in, the old traditional methods simply won’t cut it anymore so it’s time to kick it up a notch with conference planning.

It’s way easier for Corporate Event Planners to stick to the old conference planning protocol than it is to reinvent the wheel but here’s one time that doing so is crucial. Below you will find some ideal methods to implement into your conference planning to kick it up a notch!

How to Make Conferences Exciting

Focus on a theme and the presentation

One of the most ideal ways to kick it up a notch at corporate events is by applying a theme, branding the event, adding appealing graphics, and structure the presentation in a way that will appeal to the senses. Despite the size of your corporate event, keeping these tactics at the forefront will help Corporate Event Planners in NY keep conferences exciting.

Applying an interesting theme to your conference planning will help increase registration because no one wants to miss a good event. Attendees will feel more connected to the conference if your theme lured them in from the beginning. So, think of a unique and dynamic theme that is relatable to the event goals to attract more people to the conference. Make sure that your presentation is entertaining, engaging, and that you’re branding the event from the beginning through the marketing material. Keep the theme consistent in the décor, menu, activities, and every other elements of the event.

More entertainment, less talking

Finding a speaker that knows how to work a room is the way to go with conference planning. You have to set aside time for research when looking for a speaker that will entertain attendees while delivering information that will add value to both the event and the audience’s career path. You want to choose a speaker that will convey your conference message prior to the event through social media outlets, podcasts, video ads, and other forms of digital marketing. This is the best way to deliver your message from beginning to end without having to do so through long speeches.

You want attendees to become engaged from the very start so think about how you can appeal to their senses through unique experiences that will entertain them like stimulating activities, themed (and delicious) food, and attention-grabbing décor that will inspire people to take pictures and share them out on social media.

Using technology in conference planning

Technology has truly changed the game for Corporate Event Planners in NY when it comes to conference planning. Hardly anyone is using traditional marketing strategies like mailing brochures, sending mailing lists, or printing bulky conference prospectuses. The use of digital conference material has developed into the main form of sending information for corporate events. Being that the internet is what dominates the attention of audiences of all walks of life, Corporate Event Planners in NY are now using social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other apps to draw in the attention of their target attendees when promoting a conference.

Technology has also initiated the interest of AR & VR. Both offer a memorable experience for attendees that causes them to spark conversation about it, and in turn, that causes other guests to want to partake in all the excitement. Use AR & VR as an event booster mid-way through a week-long conference so that you can re-energize the audience by designing a fun ambiance that will make them want to continue to reap the benefits of what your conference has to offer.

Add exciting activities to your corporate conferences

It’s imperative that you add exciting activities into your conference planning. Not only will it increase team spirit amongst attendees who come together from the same company, but it will also improve the social atmosphere. For instance, you can insert games into the corporate event like a sporting competition, scavenger hunts, an escape room, or a trivia game. During lectures or workshops, you can use collaborative activities such as:

  • Crowd Polling – Help your audience share their opinions in real time with live polls.
  • Table Teams – Have attendees connect with one another by creating table assignments and break people off into teams. Create unique signs to name each table.
  • Graffiti Boards – Design creative spaces for attendees to share a message or a picture using a large whiteboard that invites them to post whatever they’d like.
  • Panel Discussions – In addition to scheduling keynote speakers, add a panel discussion to your corporate event where a group of experts take the stage together to deliver multiple views, and entice attendees to ask questions or share their own opinions.

Attendee participation should be strategic so you must ensure that during your conference planning, you consider adding innovative and engaging actives that will keep your guests involved.


Corporate Event Planners in NY must make conferences interactive and interesting. If they don’t design strategic and appealing themes and activities, people won’t feel compelled to register for the event. The success of your event is dependent on the presentation, the venue, the planned activities, the value in the offered workshops, the use of technology, and the worth your keynote speaker(s) delivers. It’s vital that you understand what your attendees are expecting to gain from your corporate event so that you can plan around their expectations.

Corporate Event Planners will be gathering round at the 2019 Event Planner Expo in New York and so should you! Be sure to take part in the interesting workshops we have planned for you and just wait to see all of the value that the top influencers in the events and marketing industries have to share with attendees.

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