Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event with These Creative Ideas

June 6, 2019 Susan Serena

Experiences. That’s the buzz word for corporate event planners in New York these days because planning a conference or meeting no longer means to just book the best keynote speaker.

Think about the fact that in any industry where a conference is being planned, the professionals who attend, are going to be spending their “off” time doing something that’s related to work. They’re probably already drained from their hectic work week, and now they’re needing to attend a corporate event to either learn about new industry trends, gain credits to become recertified, or attend workshops to sharpen their skills.

What does that mean for corporate event planners in New York? Well, it means that we are expected to not only organize and execute business functions, but we are also expected to ensure that everyone leaves the event feeling entertained.

Scheduling engaging activities that takes the edge off attendees can go a long way in designing a corporate event experience that leaves a lasting impression. Below we have listed some excellent ideas for your next corporate event to help event planners in New York bring it to the next level.

Interactive Food and Beverage Stations for Corporate Events

Sure we could’ve started off with some exciting activities, but we know food and drinks is at the forefront of all minds when it comes to attending any event. The first thing that people wonder is, what kind of food will be served? That rings true for any event, whether it’s corporate or social. In the case of corporate functions, think customizable cocktails bars and live cooking stations like a chef firing up some delicious hibachi right before your eyes.  What about these donut walls everyone is talking about? Try to think outside the typical food box when planning food and beverages so that attendees are not only well fed, but also feel like even the food at the event was an experience.

Swag Stations for Corporate Events

Who doesn’t love free stuff? No one. Including customizable swag stations could also be something that you include in your marketing efforts before your event. Invite attendees via email and social media to bring items that would normally end up in the garbage or in the back of their closet for years so they can contribute to the swag station. Like the saying goes, one person’s garbage, is another person’s treasure. Swag stations are also a good area for people to interact and spark conversation with one another at corporate events.

Karaoke at Corporate Events

You’d be surprised at how many people dreamt of being a singer when they were kids and here’s a chance for corporate event planners in New York to play on that untapped talent. No attendee who loves music will pass a station with a live karaoke band and not be tempted to be next on the list of people who get on the stage with the microphone to be a Rockstar, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Social Media Photo Booths at Corporate Events

Here’s an idea that will not only appeal to attendees but also doubles as an excellent way to promote your event.  Everyone loves sharing pictures of the things they eat, the places they visit, and corporate events are no different. Including a photo booth in multiple areas of your conference (depending on the size of the room and event), is sure to draw in anyone who is passing by. Be sure to use photo booths that will allow attendees to share the images directly to their social media pages.

Escape Room at Corporate Events

Attendees already have their brains at work when listening to industry influencers or attending workshops, so keep their brain’s buzzing with a real-life puzzle. Including an escape room at your next corporate event is a great way to keep everyone interacting with one another. It’s also an opportunity to include some good team building practice for those companies who send a group of staff members to attend the conference together. Try to keep the theme of your escape room relevant to the meeting topic with a motivational narrative that will encourage everyone to play.

Looking for more creative ideas for your next corporate event? Be sure to attend The Event Planner Expo in New York and visit the exhibitor’s booths to see all the creative entertainment ideas you can add to your next business function.

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