4 Excuses Event Planners Give to Avoid Networking Events (And How to Break the Habit)

May 10, 2023 Jessica Stewart

With so many events to plan, details to manage, and clients to land, your schedule as an event planner is chock-full. It can be tough to fit in any other time for your own business management, especially if it’s not a proven method with results. But don’t be one of those event professionals who doesn’t see the value in networking. Networking, whether it’s an after-hours get-together or a community event, is essential for your business. And if you catch yourself making any of these excuses not to attend networking events regularly, you’re missing valuable opportunities to grow, make connections, and develop strategic relationships.

1. I’m too busy to go to a networking event

If you’ve looked at your booked-solid schedule and said to yourself, “I’m too busy to squeeze in a networking event,” you’re not alone. And while these occasions do come up, don’t get into the habit of bailing on networking opportunities. Instead, set networking goals for yourself throughout the year. Maybe you want to hit one per month, for example. And if you cancel your networking plans, look to make up for it by attending another, keeping with your annual networking goals.

2. Networking doesn’t help my business

Whoever told you that networking doesn’t help your event-planning business isn’t in business anymore. Networking is an incredible method for meeting new clients, making new business connections, and building strategic relationships. It keeps you in the loop in your industry and the local community. And these networking events can be great places to find event planning inspiration.

3. There aren’t any clients at my area networking events

A networking event doesn’t have to be prospect-rich to be valuable to your business. Sure, getting in the room with big client decision-makers is an added bonus. But you can find opportunities with new event planning partners, other key figures who can help you make client introductions, and local opportunities to showcase your event planning skills. 

4. I’m a great party planner, but terrible at networking

A networking event is only going to be effective if you know how to work a room. If you’re not sure how to set networking event goals or prepare to attend, you’ll likely feel like it’s a waste of time. But if you’re diligent about preparing, knowing who’s going to be there, and planning your goals, you can get so much value out of networking. Introduce yourself to new people. Share some of your event planning challenges with others to seek advice. Be a mentor to new professionals in your community. And go into each networking opportunity with a purpose.

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