4 Tips for Becoming the Best Event Planner

April 14, 2020 Susan Serena

While event planning may be one of the more enjoyable professions, especially when you’re a passionate event planner, it comes with its fair share of stressors.

It helps to know some event planning tips that aid to do the job better and more successfully. It may not always be easy, but with the right attitude and a whole lot of commitment, becoming one of the best event planners in New York City becomes a little bit easier.

1.Collect and Analyze Data

One of the most crucial components for corporate event planners to consider is the data they gather. It is important for event planners to analyze data not only to determine the success of corporate events, but also to consistently improve their performance for more successful event planning in the future.

This data includes figures estimating event costs, sales of tickets, the revenue generated and the number of attendees on-site. However, the best event planners always go a step further and pay attention to data gathered from online engagement such as through social media pages, websites and any feedback provided.

2.Research, Research, Research

When it comes to event planning, it is essential that event planners do their research and stay updated on the most recent trends and even any advancements made in technology.

Schedule your days such that you leave room for ample research into what’s hot and what’s not, what your competitors have been up to, and what direction the industry is headed in. This simple practice will allow the best event planners to always stay ahead of the curve.

3.Communication and Feedback

The single most significant metric to determine the success of your event planning is the feedback you gain from the attendees. In order to derive the best, most positive feedback, event planners must ensure regular and consistent communication with stakeholders – both, before and after the events.

Communication before the event is vital to ensure their expectations are met at the corporate event. Any feedback after helps the best event planners continue to do their jobs more successfully, adjusting for feedback and suggestions along the way.

4.Know What’s Important

It’s not simply enough to know everything there is to know about the events you’re planning. One of the most useful tips for becoming the best event planner would be to know what requires immediate attention and prioritize your activities accordingly.

Ensure you communicate tasks and responsibilities to your team effectively, minimizing any risk of misunderstanding that could lead to a waste in resources. Similarly, studying the data you have will inform you of where you need to be investing your time and energy to optimize the results of your event planning.

Adopting these simple tips and making them a part of our daily activities helps us remain the best event planners in NYC. Event planning, be it for corporate events or otherwise, requires the discipline and commitment that we are forever ready to exhibit.

If you want to learn what it's like to really be an event planner in today's world, it's time to talk to the experts. Be sure to contact us today so we can help connect you with the right people in the industry.






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