Top 15 Best Wedding Blogs to Follow

April 28, 2020 Jessica Stewart

61.24 million people in the U.S. got married in 2018 alone!

And now, if you've landed on this article, it's probably your turn. Or, perhaps you're helping your friend or family member plan their dream wedding. Maybe you're a bridesmaid looking for dress inspiration.

Whatever the reason, welcome to a wonderful rite of passage! It's a great event to be a part of—whether you're the one in it or as a spectator. Weddings are inherently magical. 

This list of wedding blogs is here to make the big, special day as unique and beautiful as possible. These blogs offer advice, tips and tricks, table setting inspiration, dress ideas, invitation templates, and much, much more.

If ever you feel stumped about next moves, check out one of these sites for everything you need to get reinspired.

So, without further ado, say "I do" to the following sites that are bursting with creativity. 

1. Bridal Musings

The Bridal Musings blog surely muses over it all.

They offer curated lists—about flower crowns, wedding dresses with bows, favorite dresses from dressmakers—that span from general to utterly specific.

They answer all the pressing questions—where should we go on our honeymoon? What music should we play on the big day? —and that's only the beginning of what the site provides.

A few examples of their categories include the following:

  • Gift list ideas
  • Wedding dresses and hairstyles to match
  • Rings
  • DIY projects
  • Wedding music
  • A grooms guide

Within each group is a plethora of articles that touch on each subject. 

You can click their 'Planning' button for all things logistics, or you can peruse the 'Real Weddings' page for real-life inspiration (with state-by-state search tools). 

They offer advice, tips, and real-talk that'll help you stay grounded when things begin to feel a little overwhelming. Let Bridal Musings be your go-to guide for all things wedding-related.

2. Love My Dress

Love My Dress is a UK wedding blog that also touches down on every category imaginable.

Their categories include the following:

Articles—This covers real weddings, advice, inspirational suppliers, and more

Wedding Wardrobe—This section provides information on the latest collections, current trends, and their favorite designers

Wedding Directory—Click here for all things venues, photographers, flowers, videographers, and more

Event Diary—This page covers wedding readings, plus more helpful resources

What Love My Dress does a little differently is offer a wedding directory.

This allows you to peruse several suppliers, so you can compare and contrast your needs with their offerings. If you need to find photographers, floral designers, or entertainment, let Love My Dress guide you to your perfect fit.

3. Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty is a wedding resource for the "modern bride," providing you with everything you need before you walk to the altar.

This includes inspiration from real weddings, vendor recommendations, styles, regions, and more.

What stationery should you use for your invitations? How can you stay healthy and fit leading up to the big day? How should you spend your honeymoon?

Style Me Pretty covers all these concerns and then some. Each category breaks down into mini-categories, allowing you to get specific answers to your essential questions.

And if you're stumped for ways to make your wedding unique and personal (after all, you've got millions of other couples to compete with for this), SMP can help with that, too.

4. Green Wedding Shoes

The "Green" in Green Wedding Shoes implies what this page does for the happy couple—shows them how to throw a glamorous, fun wedding, all without breaking the bank.

After all, you don't want to be a brand-new, wedded couple with no money to your name. Often, it's tempting to splurge on everything pricey for the big day. And while being happy is of utmost importance, Green Wedding Shoes proves that you don't need to spend it all to achieve this.

Their wedding blog shows us affordable things like "Favorite Wedding Dresses Under $800." And they even go "green" in other ways, too, like writing articles about sustainable alternatives to throwing confetti at your wedding.

Go here for all things green and glorious!

5. Once Wed

Want to have a "designer wedding for less"?

Then let Once Wed be your guide!

This blog keeps it inspiring but straightforward. They offer modern twists to all their advice, which proves to be innovative and heartfelt.

Need wedding inspo, like how to organize your photoshoot?

Want to witness what other real-life couples have done? Perhaps you're planning to elope instead of having a big production? What food should you offer your guests?

Once Wed covers all these topics and then some. 

Go here for all your needs and plans, whether it's to DIY or hire someone; whether that's to have a glamorous wedding or a casual one; or if you just want a wedding dress value calculator. They've got it all.

6. 100 Layer Cake

100 Layer Cake has at least one hundred layers of inspiration hidden within its many, many categories.

Their Wedding Blog tab covers some of the following:

  • Real weddings
  • Wedding inspiration
  • Wedding fashion
  • Colorboards 
  • Engagement
  • Bachelorette and shower

Or, you can cut right to the punch and explore their Party & Wedding Ideas tab, which covers:

  • Bride and groom
  • Travel
  • Bouquets
  • Cakes
  • Invitations
  • Decor 
  • Rings
  • Ceremony

Then, they offer advice on local venues and vendors for several different areas around the U.S., UK, Canada, and more.

If you're a DIYer, check out their Marketplace tab, which connects you to affordable odds and ends you'll likely need for the big day.

Or, if you've already got a family on your hands, check out their Family Blog tab, which covers all things family-related.

7. Offbeat Bride

Looking for "creative alternatives for independent brides"?

That's Offbeat Bride's specialty.

Offbeat Bride considers themselves "your source for wedding ideas" and "inclusive wedding planning." From creative ideas to hundreds of DIY projects, the wedding advice they offer will ensure your wedding isn't the norm—because neither are you!

The site's author, Ariel, has also penned a book by a similar title—Offbeat Bride: Create a Wedding that's Authentically YOU. She celebrates "walking off the beaten aisle" because, let's admit, there's no one way to do things when it comes to weddings!

For a wedding as unique as you are, give her blog a scroll.

8. Junebug Weddings

If Junebug Weddings' wedding blog showcases anything, it's pure dreaminess.

Their page itself is inspiration enough. From inspiration boards to photo contests, everything on there is whimsical and magical. 

Their wedding inspiration board can be filtered by color, style, fashion, decor, season—you name it. This is perfect for those couples who already have a slight idea of how they'd like their wedding to look, but are seeking out a few more ideas and essentials.

Their Wedding Blog tab features ideas and inspiration through real-life weddings, and their other tabs cover venues, planning, and more—all through imagery. This makes your hunt for the perfect ideas more grounding, as you can see it all before you. 

And when you're wedding's over, submit some photos to the page for your chance to be the inspiration for someone else!

9. Wedding Sparrow

Wedding Sparrow calls itself a Fine Art Wedding blog—and it's an award-winning one to boot.

Here, you can shop this season's dresses, which range in price from affordable to pricier, or you can gather advice from their Bridal Style tab, which showcases hundreds of ideas for those who need some steering in the right direction.

Do you want something modern and feminine? Soft and princess-like? Or more haute couture? 

Wedding Sparrow covers all ranges of traditionally beautiful wedding ideas for the 'Fine Art bride.'

10. Love and Lavender 

Love & Lavender showcases everything a bride needs, accompanied by honest reviews from real-life brides.

Their categories include the following:

  • Wedding resources
  • Wedding blog
  • Real weddings
  • Styled shoots
  • Free wedding printables (which covers invitations ranging from the whimsical to the fun and simple)
  • Vendors
  • Wedding discounts and deals

Love & Lavender strives to make wedding planning easy, stress-free, and affordable, too. 

And bonus, the blog is run by a husband and wife duo, so you're sure to get input from both ends of the spectrum. They want to help brides and grooms alike have a perfectly balanced wedding day.

11. Artfully Wed

Are you trying to get wedding inspiration through color—even black? Season? Style? 

Are you looking for ways to curate your wedding photoshoot?

Or do you simply want to peruse hundreds of planning guides and tips, so you don't miss a thing?

Whatever your mission, Artfully Wed likely has your back. 

They offer style and inspiration for every category under the sun, whether that's a simple, summer wedding under the stars or a decked-out winter wedding in a refurbished barn.

12. Burnett's Boards 

Burnett's Boards provides daily inspiration boards "for bright-minded brides."

If you're a massive fan of Pinterest, Burnett's Boards is the epitome of that, bridal-style. They offer tons of categories, from Boudoir and Boutiques to Bridals and Beauty, that cover all ranges of questions. They answer these questions with imagery, allowing you to envision your day in ways that words just don't allow.

The owner of the site founded it to showcase creativity across the globe concerning weddings. For visuals on what everyone else is doing, go here!

13. Weddingbee

Weddingbee is the place where "real brides around the world share their wedding planning experience."

This can mean everything from staying healthy before the big day (with vitamin suggestions or a 12-month timeline of health tips) to creating a fitness plan that'll get you in tip-top shape.

They even cover unique topics such as sustainable party, winter wedding thoughts, and even post-wedding depression. They understand that brides are complex humans that run the gamut.

So, they created a site that highlights anything and everything you can think of in an honest, reliable manner.

14. Grey Likes Weddings 

Grey Likes Weddings is a wedding blog curated by a stylist named Summer Watkins.

Watkins updates the site daily, offering "stylish and discerning" brides a place to finding wedding inspiration that's as chic, trendy, and fashionable as they are.

Their Grey Collective tab offers well-vetted lists of vendors to call for all your needs, such as:

  • Accessories 
  • Catering
  • Photography (local, boudoir, and destination)
  • Cinematography 
  • Event design and coordination
  • Floral design
  • Stationary
  • Music/DJ
  • Venues
  • Rentals
  • Wedding dresses

And, like many of the other wedding blogs on this list, the site is covered in photos, allowing you to gather inspiration from real weddings around the globe.

15. Snippet and Ink

Are you a "sophisticated bride" who dreams of a "unique and meaningful wedding day"? 

Well, of course, you are!

Snippet & Ink is your go-to wedding planning resource if you check either of these boxes. 

They offer tons of DIY inspiration, like how to make a 'wedding welcome bag,' to everything ceremony-related—such as what to read, what the ceremony script should be (whether non-denominational, Christian, nature-themed, and more), and how to create meaningful, special vows.

We're Head Over Heels for These Wedding Blogs

Whether you're a conservative bride or an offbeat bride, a DIYer with a budget or a lover of glamour—whatever you identify with, one of these wedding blogs is sure to meet (or exceed) your needs.

So, if you're wondering how exactly to walk down the aisle, how to hem your dress, where everyone should sit, don't fret. Find your answer hidden within these pages!

And if all else fails, that's what wedding planners are for. They can help take some of the hassles and stress out of planning it all yourself.

Check out this informative article that outlines five steps to hiring the perfect wedding planner for your special day.

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