The Top 10 Wedding Planners NYC Has to Offer

April 30, 2020 Jessica Stewart

Did you know that almost 138,000 people tied the knot in the Big Apple last year? Not only that, but the average price of a wedding in New York costs more than $34,000.

Planning a big wedding? Let's face it: that's a lot of responsibility (and cash). Luckily for you, wedding planners can help make your day a dream. Here are the top 10 wedding planners NYC has to offer!

How to Find Top Wedding Planners NYC-Style

Does finding your wedding planner in New York give you the chills? For those who've already started the wedding planning journey, chances are that you already know how big of a job you can be.

That's why it's such a smart move to hire a professional wedding planner before you get in too deep over your head. However, finding the perfect wedding planning for you can feel like a headache-and-a-half in itself sometimes. 

You know the feeling: between all of the paperwork, questions, and research that you have to do, it can become pretty overwhelming at times. So, what should you do? We're glad that you asked.

To make sure that you don't turn into a bridezilla (or a groomzilla), we've made an easy-to-follow guide with a list of the best wedding planners in New York City. Before you hire the best fit, take a look at a few key tips first:

  • Check out wedding planners near you
  • Follow up with your top picks
  • Get ready for your initial meeting

First of all, check out the websites for wedding planners near you to see pictures of local weddings that they've helped out with. That way, you'll be narrow your list down in no time. Plus, looking at their choice of lighting, decor, and colors will give you an idea if their style matches your style too.

Next, follow up with your top picks. Our general rule of thumb is to give at least three NYC party planners a call to learn what their price range is. Not to mention their available dates and planning services.

Now, setting up a meeting with each one and bring your best wedding cutouts, Pinterest pictures, and inspiration boards. Need a hand? Here are our favorites!

1. 5th Avenue Weddings & Events

If you're in the market for an NYC wedding planner, then you can't get any better than 5th Avenue Weddings & Events. Located in Union Square, these New York City wedding planners have been around for almost three decades. Run by Meena Lee-DePasquale, her designers do everything themselves, including the following services:

As if that's not enough, 5th Avenue Weddings & Events also specializes in planning destination weddings in Europe. Yes, that includes fabulous places like Italy or France. Don't forget to ask about their individual or full-service design packages.

2. 6 Degrees of Celebration

Sick and tired of googling "NYC wedding planners?" If so, then you might want to save yourself some time and check out 6 Degrees of Celebration instead. With over two decades of experience under her belt, owner Joan Glenn is an expert at planning high-end matrimonies with even bigger price tags.

Between herself and her team, Joan has every part of the ceremony under control, which includes things like Decor, stationery, and venue selection. Incredibly enough, 6 Degrees of Celebration will even help you choose your entertainment for your special evening.

Ready to take the leap? 6 Degrees of Celebration has month-of coordination and partial planning services available right now. Ask about their prices!

3. A Taylored Affair

Have you ever heard of A Taylored Affair before? If not, we've got the 4-1-1 on one of the hottest wedding planning companies that New York City has to offer. Headed by Jennifer Taylor, this particular party company has worked for Cartier and Google. Also, they've hosted parties at the Soho house as well.

What's the point? In a nutshell, Taylor's goal is to help brides inject their personalities into their wedding celebration. As a bonus, Taylor will even assist with collecting gift envelopes and negotiating hotel blocks.

Talk about a multi-tasker!

4. A Votre Service Events

Here's the thing: when it comes to planning the perfect wedding in New York City, A Votre Service Events goes way beyond your ordinary party planning service. Not sure what we mean? Let us explain.

Lead by designer and owner Marie Danielle Vil-Young, A Votre Service Events Specialize in adding ultra-lavish details into their events. Picture this. Luxurious silk and velvet fabrics paired with tons of green plants for your wedding space.

If you're curious, you can always ask them about their partial service and full service planning too. For those of you who are more last-minute, you can even plan day-of coronation. Just don't forget to ask them about the rates.

5. AAB Creates

Admit it: AAB Creates is one of the most prestigious NYC event planners in the book. Focusing on so-called "raw-space design," Mayra Castillo and Xochitl Gonzalez are filled with specialized ideas for custom weddings. On top of planning small-scale affairs at Ramscale Studio, they also have expertise in huge blowout events on Ellis Island.

Headquartered on Water Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn, AAB Creates isn't for the faint of heart...or wallet. To put it clearly, it costs at least $20,000 to use this artisanal wedding service. Despite this fact, you can still plan your wedding events on the day-of with their smaller company, Just About Married.

6. Alimay Events

News flash - if Alimay Events isn't already on your wedding checklist, then you're way behind the competition. Created by two previous magazine tycoons, Alimay Events is what's known as a boutique wedding planning firm. Front it on innovative and creative ideas, Alimay EventsIsn't celebrated for their commitment to their customers, which includes getting everything just right for your special day.

Focusing on matrimonies in New York City, the Hamptons, and aborad, Alimay Events offers partial-planning and full-planning wedding services as well. As always, don't be shy to ask them about their pricing!

7. Amy Katz Events 

For those of you who are still having a panic attack about picking the perfect wedding planning business, you might want to give Amy Katz Events a call. In case you're wondering, it's headed by - you guessed it - Amy Katz.

Now that we've got that down, Amy Katz Events specialized in helping engaged couples figure out what their wedding vision is. We'll give you a hint. Whether your wedding ceremony has 40 or 400 guests, Amy Katz Events guarantees that it will be as sophisticated as humanly possible. 

Dedicated to making her customer's dreams come true, Amy Katz even offers a rain-or-shine outdoor wedding ceremony service. Don't know where to start? Give them a call about their full-service planning, partial planning, or day-of coordination services.

8. Andrea Freeman Events

Are you familiar with Andrea Freeman Events yet? If not, then you should be. That's because founder Andrea Freeman is a pro at planning wedding events for stars such as Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed.

With such a big reputation to her name, Freeman makes sure that she only takes on a maximum of 10 customers every year. Why is that? It's simple: this gives Freeman the ability to give her current clients her full care and attention.

Although Andrea Freeman Events is located on Madison Avenue in New York City, she and her team offer destination wedding planning services too. Who wouldn't want that?

9. Ang Weddings and Events

With Ang Weddings and Events, having a beautiful, detail-oriented wedding is pretty much a given. Surprisingly enough, owner Tzo Ai Ang stretches herself extremely thin to offer "round-the-clock services" to her clientele.

Specializing in multi-cultural couples, Ang Weddings and Events uses her life experience from traveling across three different continents to the table. Want to know the best part? 

At Ang Weddings and Events, your initial wedding consultation meeting is free of charge. If you decide to take the bait, then we highly recommend that you invest in Ang's full or month-of coordination packages for your big day. As always, ask them about their ever-changing rates!

10. ASE

Previously called Bespoke Moments, ASE is one of the most prestigious New York City wedding party planners you could ask for. Founded in 2013 by Amanda Savory, her party agency is known for planning Girls actress Zosia Mamet's wedding ceremony.

Craving an outdoors or rustic country event? If that's the case, then ASE can make a barn-themed wedding look elegant and chic. For more information, contact Amanda Savory about her service fees.

Bonus Round: Runner-Up NYC Party Planners

Okay, we know that we've already listed the top 10 wedding planners in New York City, but it'd be foolish not to mention a few of our favorite runner-up party planners as well. In case you're feeling curious, look at our bonus round of NYC wedding event agencies below: 

  • Ashley Douglass Events
  • Bardin Palomo
  • Baton NYC

Focusing on one wedding event at a time, Ashley Douglass Events is known for its special detail-oriented approach. From planning lowkey events in Connecticut to upscale waterfront parties in the Hamptons, this particular wedding planning agency does do it all, including partial and full planning services.

What's the real deal about Bardin Palomo? With about 25 years of experience, Bardin Palomo designs entire interiors for various types of events and parties. For those of you who are worried about things like linens and florals, these guys will take care of all of the hard work for you. 

Yes, that includes lighting and props as well. Pro tip: schedule an appointment in advance to learn more about their pricing options. Are you planning a nice New York wedding on a tight New Jersey budget?

We feel your pain. We suggest that you check out Baton NYC for some of the most affordable wedding planning fees in the whole city. Starting at just $5,000, Baton NYC founder Andi Nevarez previously worked as the special events director at the New Museum.

Since then, she's hosted hundreds of events and has an inside glimpse of almost every vendor and venue in the state of New York. As if that's not impressive enough, she'll also help you design a menu that's filled with your favorite dishes from each other. If you're already sold, don't be afraid to contact her about destination planning and day-of services too.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue in NYC

Need a hand with choosing the perfect wedding venue in New York City? We're here to help. Now that we've covered how to choose the best wedding planner in the city, it's time to talk about where you want to plan your wedding celebration.

For starters, you've got to start by selecting the right venue. Using a checklist that has all the planning steps along the way, you can narrow down your options until you're left with the most ideal one. To begin, make sure that you schedule a time to hunts venues with your significant other.

You'll usually have to set up an appointment for all of these viewings as well. It is New York, after all. Once you've got that done, be sure to ask the venue manager about guided showings of their facilities.

That way, they'll be there to answer any questions that you or your partner may have. Another word of advice is to write down questions that you have and bring them with you on the venue tour. This might include anything from the venue's facilities to its capacity.

It's also a good idea to ask the wedding venue in question about their on-site receptions, accommodations, and catering services. Inquiring about their closing time requirements can help you make a quick decision too. Feeling overwhelmed?

All that you have to do is email your thoughts over to the venue before your scheduled visit to get them answered ahead of time!

Find the Best Wedding Planners NYC Has to Offer

Not sure how to find the best wedding planners NYC has to offer? Our handy guide has it all!

On the hunt for a top-notch wedding expo? Check out our site to buy tickets today!


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