The Inside Track: What Do Event Planners in New York City Do Exactly?

May 7, 2020 Jessica Stewart

Did you know that event planners make the list of the top 10 most stressful careers year after year? When you consider everything that goes into planning the perfect event, it is no wonder why this profession would make such a list.

This is even more true when talking about event planners in New York City, where the bar for high-class events raises higher and higher each year.

You may think you have an idea of what event planners do in New York based on what you see in films and TV shows, but what does a day in the life of the city's hottest event planners really look like?

Read on to get a better idea what’s entailed in this competitive career choice.  

Event Planners in New York City vs. Event Planners Everywhere Else

When discussing what happens for event planners in New York City versus event planners everywhere else, there's some key elements to consider.

First of all you have to consider the fact that there are countless events happening in New York City year after year. You also want to remember that there are hundreds of venues opening and closing their doors on an almost annual basis. 

Combine this with an endless list of catering options and a sea of competition and you have got a fraction of what it means to be an event planner in New York.

While some of these responsibilities can be applied to event planners across the country, there is no doubting that there's a higher intensity for those looking to plan the perfect event in the big city. 

A Good Event Planner Asks the Right Questions

Being a strong event planner means being able to balance between two worlds.

You will need to be able to have a vision of the perfect event while still honoring what your client has in mind.

This means taking the time to ask the right questions rather than railroading your clients and convincing them that your way is the only way to do things.

By asking the right questions you will get a stronger understanding of what kind of audience your clientele is looking to cater to and will even find a way to incorporate those personal details that leave a lasting impression.

In addition to asking these questions, an event planner in New York City must have the gift of persuasion. 

This means being able to explain in a calm and logical manner when the client's requests simply won't work with the theme of the event or logistically.

Money Management

Even the most luxury clients expect an event planner to be able to stay within budget when planning the ultimate event.

As you grow within your career as an event planner, you will be able to attract clientele with a larger budget giving you more room to plan.

However, no matter how large the budget maybe, it is your responsibility to honor that budget as much as possible.

Being an event planner in New York City means having the connections with venues and vendors to get the best discounts and rates for your clients so you can fit more into their events.

This also means knowing all the insider tricks like the best time to host an event and the best locations to get the most for your client's money.

Design and Decor

With so many events happening each year in New York City, it's difficult to choose a design and decor theme that hasn't been done already. However, this is part of what makes a great event planner in New York.

High quality event planners understand that the devil is in the details and that everything from the attire to the style of the chairs will play into the overall look and feel of an event.

Giving event attendees an opportunity to engage with the event is also a way to make a splash and leave guest talking for the rest of the year.

Transparency and Tranquility

There is another thin line that must be walked when working as an event planner in New York City, and that is offering the right amount of transparency while still giving your clientele piece of mind.

Your clients understand there are several areas where mistakes and mishaps can happen in regard to their event.

As an event planner, you will need to keep clients updated on every step of the process without giving them a reason to stress out about the details.

Overall, a great New York event planner knows how to give their clients the assurance that they have it all covered and let the event will go off without a hitch.

This often means being able to handle any event errors before they become emergencies.

Staying Ahead of the Game

Being one of the many event planners in New York City means fierce competition. The only way to stay ahead of the pack is to always be on top of emerging trends, new venues, and event ideas.

If you're not constantly upping your game and providing better quality to your clientele you'll quickly be passed up for another planner.

This is why attending events like the annual event planner Expo is essential to any event planner looking to hold their own in the city.

From taking notes from celebrity speakers to connecting with important vendors, this event is a key part of making it all happen for your event-planning business.

If you are looking to attend the event planner expo check out our articles for more information and ticket prices. 


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