Biz Strategies: 8 Lead Generation Techniques You Should Be Using

May 31, 2022 Mario Stewart

A bad first impression could cost you potential clients. Before that happens, you need a plan.

About 63% of leads who inquire about your event planning business won't convert for at least three months, though. Over 80% will never turn into paying clients. Without the right lead generation techniques, you could struggle to become the best event planner in New York.
With these biz strategies, you can avoid missing out on potential leads and new clients. Instead, you can set your business up for success.

Discover how to become a successful event planner in New York with these lead generation strategies today. 

1. Personalization

You could struggle to connect with clients if you don't consider their distinct needs or pain points. To avoid making assumptions about your target audience, first gather audience research. Then, you can use your research to personalize your lead generation tactics.
Personalization can help you forge emotional connections with customers.

Your clients will recognize that you understand their needs, wants, and pain points. They might feel more inclined to choose you as their go-to event planner as a result. 

In fact, over 63% of consumers now expect personalization as a standard of service. Over 50% will switch brands if a company doesn't personalize communications. Meanwhile, learning how to personalize your lead generation strategies can boost your ROI by eight times.

First, define your target audience based on demographics and psychographics. 

For example, you might use your website's Google Analytics to consider their:


You can also determine their marital status, household income, language, career, and education.
Then, consider the psychographics that are relevant to your clients. Research their pain points, interests, hobbies, and buying behaviors. Focus on the pain points your clients are experiencing.
If you're targeting a broad audience, segment them into distinct buyer personas. Creating buyer personas can help you personalize your content.

Next, gather keyword research for each persona. Use tools like SEMRush, Google Trends, and Keyword Planner to get started. Look for long-tail keywords that feature four or more words.
Long-tail keywords are more precise, allowing you to gauge the client's search intent. When they use a keyword during a Google search, your web content could appear. You can create content that aligns with their search intent to appear for relevant searches. 

2. Optimize Your Website

You could struggle to use these remaining lead generation tactics if your website isn't optimized. Work with an experienced agency to ensure your site is:


If your website is unorganized or slow, visitors might leave. Your bounce rate will start to rise, which can hurt your organic rankings. You might also struggle to use the rest of these lead generation tactics effectively.

Make sure your website is optimized to generate leads, too.

For example, you can add a lead magnet to your website. Offer a helpful webinar or eBook that demonstrates your expertise as an event planner. Then, ask the visitor to provide their email to receive the downloadable content. 

You can use the emails you generate to develop an email marketing strategy. 
Add more than one conversion opportunity on your site. For example, you can add a button to the navigation or form above the fold. 

3. Content Creation

Content creation is an effective way to demonstrate your experience and expertise. Positioning yourself as an experienced event planner in New York will help your brand credibility grow. Gaining credibility could help you boost brand trust.

If clients feel they can trust you, they might decide to reach out, allowing you to generate more leads.

Use your audience and keyword research to create web content your readers want to read. Answer the questions they're asking, too.

Experiment with different content formats, including webinars, infographics, and videos. Create press releases for your upcoming events as well.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website rank higher on Google search engine result pages (SERPs). Higher rankings will help you generate brand awareness, web traffic, and quality leads. 

Optimize your content by adding your target keyword to the:

-Page title
-An H1 header
-Opening and closing paragraphs
-Body text
-SEO title
-SEO meta description
-Image file name
-Image alt text
-Keep creating high-quality content throughout the year to boost your organic rankings.

5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can also help you appear on search engines. You can also create social media ads to expand your reach online.

When someone clicks on one of your ads, they'll reach a landing page on your website. You can use your landing page to prove you're the best event planner in NY. Highlight your unique value to generate more leads. 

6. Event Networking

Don't neglect the power of meeting people in person. Consider participating in more events this year. Network and start generating leads by showing people you're there to help.

Consider exhibiting at The Event Planner Expo Conference this year to boost brand awareness and form strategic partnerships.

Make sure you're networking with other professionals within your industry, too. You can learn from another event planner to discover new ways to expand your own business. You can attend the conference by getting your tickets today.

7. Email Marketing

Once you use these biz strategies, make sure you're nurturing those leads. Otherwise, prospective clients might forget you the next time they need a NY event planner. 

Instead, use email marketing to remain top of mind with prospective clients. Send them tips, inform them of events, and provide links to your latest posts. 

8. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing allows brands to engage their audiences in real-time.

Host live Q&A sessions to answer any questions your clients have. Otherwise, go live by posting Instagram and Facebook Stories. Use stickers within your Stories to encourage more engagement, too.

As people engage with your brand, they're more likely to remember your event planner business. 
Become the Best Event Planner: Use These Biz Strategies Today

Don't miss an opportunity to establish yourself as the best event planner in New York. Instead, use these biz strategies to gain new leads and clients this year. With these tips, you can start growing your event planning business with ease. 

You can also discover new ways to grow your business as an event planner by participating in conferences and events. Consider attending The Event Planner 2022. Get your tickets here today!

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