5 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rates Online

May 29, 2022 Jessica Stewart

About 96% of the people who visit your website aren't ready to make a purchase. Meanwhile, over 70% of companies say converting leads is a top priority. As an event planner, you need to learn how to increase your conversion rate. 

Otherwise, you might struggle to gain new clients this year.

Here are five tips you can use to boost your website's conversion rate. Help clients discover you're the best event planner in NY. Get started with these tips today!

1. Know Your Audience

If you want people to choose you as their go-to event planner in New York, you need to understand their needs. Take the time to gather audience research before using the rest of these tips.

When researching your target audience, consider their:

- Age
- Gender
- Location
- Marital status
- Buying behaviors
- Education
- Language
- Career
- Salary
- Pain points

Consider the problems your clients face on a daily basis. Show them how you can help as their event planner. Appealing to their needs and pain points can help you become their go-to resource.

2. Add Multiple Opportunities

If you want to increase your website conversion rate, you first need to optimize your website. Otherwise, visitors will leave without converting. Your bounce rate could increase, impacting your ability to generate future leads. 

Work with a web design and development agency to make sure your site is:

- User-friendly
- Secure
- Fast
- Mobile-optimized

Add multiple conversion opportunities throughout your site, too.

For example, you can add a form above-the-fold on your landing pages. You can also add one to the website's footer. Otherwise, consider using buttons and pop-ups to generate leads.

Make sure it's easy for people to contact you via your website. 

Use urgency and strong call to action language to generate leads, too. 

3. Highlight Your Value

As you update your website, make sure to communicate your distinct value as an event planner in NY. Show potential clients why you're the best event planner around.

If you need help determining your unique value, consider attending event planner conferences this year. You can learn from other experienced event planners to boost your own business. Learn more here before getting your tickets.

Consider showcasing your business to industry professionals this year. You can exhibit at The Event Planner Expo Conference here.

4. Create Quality Content

About 60% of marketers find content marketing generates demands and leads.
Create engaging, helpful content for your website to attract more people to your business. For example, you can create:

- Blogs/articles
- eBooks
- Polls
- Quizzes
- Infographics
- Webinars
- Videos

Use your content to demonstrate your unique value. Communicate your experience and expertise to boost your brand authority, too. Then, use search engine optimization to help more people find your content online. 

5. Use Heat Maps

Use a heatmap to visualize your website data. You can determine where people are clicking and which actions they take.

Pay attention to where they engage on your site the most. For example, maybe they spend more time above the fold. If visitors aren't scrolling down, you might need to shorten your pages.

Make sure to review your analytics over time. Then, you can start improving your forms, call-to-action buttons, and other areas to increase your conversion rate. 

Reel in Leads: Increase Your Conversion Rate Online Today

Learning how to increase your conversion rate can help you expand your business as an event planner in New York. Use these five tips to get started. As you make improvements over time, your conversion rate will rise.

Remember, participating in event planner conferences can help you discover new methods, too. 

Want to attend this year's Event Planner Expo and 10 Year Anniversary? Get your tickets today!

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