If You're Not Getting in the Room, You're Not Growing Your Event Planning Business

June 2, 2022 Desiree Homer

Let’s get real about your event planning business. How good are you at landing new clients? What strategy are you tapping into every day to grow your New York event planning company? There’s a hard truth that some event planners don’t want to face. If you’re not getting in the room, you’re missing opportunities. 

If you refocus your efforts to get in the room with key decision-makers and new potential clients, what could you be doing differently? To help hone your execution steps, here are some suggestions designed specifically to get appointments and get in the room. Connections are where the growth lives. Without them, you’re simply not in growth mode.

Don’t Sell Planning Services; Sell Experiences 

Any event planner can create and tackle a checklist. What separates the average planners from the exceptional planners is the ability to create and sell the memorable event experience. To get in the room with those key decision-makers, you can develop a presentation strategy that speaks to those experiences. 

Demonstrate a Unique Differentiator

From social events to corporate business events, separate your proposal from the rest by outlining what you do differently to launch, promote, and manage a successful engagement experience. A lot of what you have to offer new clients will be similar to what others will also be suggesting. It’s the unique differentiators that will get you in the room and help grow your business.

Emotionally Connect with Charity Alliances

Another way to make an impression on strategic new client decision-makers is by being visibly aligned with community organizations and charitable groups. Your event planning business should support causes and other events that add credibility to your brand. That added visibility will create a favorable recognition that can be instrumental in helping you get in the room.

Grab Every Networking Opportunity Available

There is no shortage of networking opportunities in New York City. Take advantage of any and all you can with the intention of meeting with decision-makers and key client targets. Some of these events might not be particularly in your wheelhouse directly. But if you go where your target audience goes to network, you increase your chances of meeting and networking with them.

Build on Existing Client Relationships

New York event planners know the value of existing client relationships. Once you create a memorable event for someone, they’re likely to continue calling you for other event planning needs. And they’re incredible sources of referrals. Don’t forget, however, just how valuable your existing clients are for making new client introductions. Talk to your best and most loyal clients and tell them who would be a good lead for you. Ask for introductions, even if they’re via email. A warm intro can be just the push you need to get in the room with those big fish prospects.

Be an Expert in Your Field

Your biggest prospects and most challenging to land new clients will only partner with the absolute best vendors for any project. To get in the room, you will need to be an industry leader in your event planning space. Be an expert in your specific niche and share that expertise ongoing with every engagement. Be the best to land the best.

Consider these tips to help get in the room with your hot prospects. And you can always connect with the best at The Event Planner Expo 2022. Get tickets today!

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