Strategic Partnerships: Understanding the Widespread Adoption of Strategic Partnerships for Business Growth

June 4, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Event planners in New York know they’re essentially in the business of building relationships. You likely have key partnerships with venues, event service providers, and vendors to help put together your clients’ events. But there’s more to strategic partnerships than just facilitating a conference or planning a wedding. And today’s event planners are applying their key partnership-building skills in new ways to grow their businesses and increase their bookings.

Networking Isn’t a New Concept, But There Are New Applications

There’s nothing new about the power of networking. And you know how important to your business it is to attend luncheons, local ribbon cuttings, and regional conferences. But today’s event planners are exploring new ways of networking to grow their businesses and expand their colleague base of influencers. There’s more to today’s networking efforts than just exchanging business cards with a venue representative or a florist.

Finding and Connecting with Other Event Planners

Don’t ever underestimate the inspirational power of connecting with other event planners. Considering the health of the events industry over the last two years, now more than ever, planners and New York professionals are finding ways to work together to improve and grow the industry as a whole. Don’t presume you’re in constant competition with other planners in your space. Instead, collaborate, connect, and engage in exploring new ways to work together. 

Growing Your Network of Decision-Makers

Forming key and strategic alliances is the best way to inspire business expansion and growth. Tap into new audiences you normally can’t reach. Leverage better client experiences by adopting new ideas. And you can significantly scale your New York event planning business when you’re able to grow your network of decision-makers. 

Adapt your current marketing and lead generation strategies to also target those who aren’t necessarily prospective clients but who are ideal strategic partners. Step outside the event planning industry and look for influencers in other spaces who might be able to help you make key introductions, improve your core offerings, and meet new decision-makers you might not otherwise have access to with traditional sales and marketing.

Developing Strategic Partnerships That Lead to Results

Start by developing a list of goals you have for your New York event planning business. What are your challenges, and what solutions are you looking for to help you grow? Then create a roster of key players who might be able to help you achieve those goals. Think outside your comfort zone and get honest with yourself about areas of improvement. You can then look to identify which strategic partnerships can help you:

- Overcome business confidence or leadership fears

- Increase your levels of expertise

- Expand to offer new services or experiences 

- Find new channels for revenue

- Collect more data and information about your target audience

- Gain access to greater pools of prospects

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