6 Ways to Motivate Your Teams, Without the Whip or the Carrot

June 6, 2022 Jessica Stewart

You've no doubt heard the adages about generally understood motivation techniques. There’s a common topic among business owners and leaders that refers to the three core methods of motivation. You can use the whip, dangle the carrot, or inspire self-motivation. Take a moment and consider your last few engagements with employees in your New York event planning business. Which method do you find yourself practicing the most? How are you keeping your teams and event partners motivated?

In today's workplace, employee motivation and empowerment are still relevant. However, the methods which successful leaders embrace to do so are continuously changing. In the workplace of yesterday, employees were once driven by pay increases and promotions. And it was believed they performed their best because of those “whip-like” consequences for bad behavior. 

Today, alternatively, the best event planning leaders are leveraging a host of other motivational techniques and behaviors to keep their staff growth-focused, without those rewards and tough repercussion methods. If you’re interested in exploring how to empower your teams and partners without the whip or the carrot, keep reading. Here are a few motivation-based suggestions you can consider to improve your leadership methods.

1. Personal Betterment Opportunities

Companies can offer a wide variety of opportunities for employees to better themselves. Benefits, perks, and industry-specific sponsored certifications can often be the motivation a team member needs to succeed. You can also take immediate advantage of opportunities for sales webinars, best practices, or professional networking groups, including encouraging them to attend The Event Planner Expo 2022 with you this year. If your event planning company doesn’t have personal betterment incentives in place, talk to your teams. See what they value most and look for ways to help them achieve their individual goals. As a result, they’ll be more inspired to perform and work with you.

2. Healthy Team, Healthy Performance

Consider offering additional health benefits as well. Companies occasionally offer memberships to area fitness centers or community health groups. Encouraging your teams to take advantage of these can remind them that you care about their well-being and help them to focus on health and wellness. Offer opportunities for staff to take walks on their breaks and recognize their healthy habits ongoing. Keep healthy snacks available in your office, including filtered water and beverage options. Be open to remote working flexibility and help them be mindful of their work-life balance.

3. Social Responsibility

Many of those in today's workforce prefer to align themselves with socially responsible organizations. When your company offers environmental, charitable, and community-driven efforts, share those endeavors with your teams, and encourage participation. Whether you're volunteering at a hospital or local soup kitchen or sponsoring a holiday gift drive, stay connected to those causes that matter most to your staff. They’ll, in turn, be more inspired to be a part of your event planning brand and what it stands for in the New York community. 

4. Milestone & Anniversary Recognition

Foster an environment of appreciation and loyalty by celebrating those individuals among your ranks who have achieved pivotal milestones or are celebrating anniversaries with your company. Companywide announcements will not only celebrate the employee but also signifies to the remaining staff that loyalty doesn't go unnoticed. Promote achievements via social media, in newsletters, and throughout your event planning company internally.

5. Privileges & Perks

Employees love perks, and sometimes, these privileges can be just the motivation your teams need. Acknowledge performance or milestones with premier parking spaces, free lunches, or company swag. Recognize those late hours put in on planning a key client event. You may even consider offering paid time off or allowing individuals to leave early for the day. Get creative and keep those perks fresh and frequent.

6. Individual Assignments & Projects

Another way to encourage employees to stay motivated is by assigning specific projects to individuals based on their skill sets and experience. As you delegate event planning duties, take the time to discuss new ideas with individual sales members, to get their opinions and suggestions. Take an idea one step further by asking an employee to look into or spec out his or her concept for discussion with the team. Employees will feel they are being heard, their opinions matter, and that you trust them to lead in their own way. An enthusiastic team member who is given the freedom to explore new things will always be empowered to keep those improvement suggestions coming.

Remember, it's not always about pay increases or title changes. In today's marketplace, keep the teams motivated with the extras and encourage growth and success across all levels. To really empower your event planning teams, consider some of these suggestions. And you can always start your new strategy by inviting your team members to join you at The Event Planner Expo 2022 and 10-Year Anniversary Celebration. Bring them to this must-attend event for event planning professionals to learn from others, mingle with industry leaders, and get inspired by keynote speakers.

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