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July 12, 2022 Jessica Stewart

9 Ways to Reconnect with Your Creative, Event Planning Self

Event planning conferences and celebrations requires a certain level of creative genius and problem-solving. But if you’ve been doing it for a few years, you know that sometimes, those creative juices just feel like they’ve stopped flowing. Much like writers experience writer’s block or artists stare at blank canvases, event planners can always appreciate a little inspiration for event themes, ideas, and decorations. If you’re feeling stuck right now creatively, here are some fun and unique brainstorming activities to help you tap into your best work. Rejuvenating your creative flow and keeping your ideas fresh will help you not only think outside the box but crush it!

1. Tapping Into Personal Experiences

The nature of the event planning business is pleasing others and delivering experiences that others want. But sometimes, especially in cultivating your creative flow, it’s important to spend time reflecting on your own experiences and preferences. Quiet moments with yourself, to think objectively with your own story in mind, can lead to incredible idea breakthroughs. Take notes, speak out loud, and reconnect with your own journey. In doing so, you can get back to your personal mission, passionate vision, and professional growth. 

2. Jotting Down Ideas Ongoing

With so many details to manage, you might often find yourself overthinking and overloading yourself mentally. That leads to stress and burnout if you’re not careful. Instead of storing all those thoughts in your head, get in the habit of jotting things down. Whether it’s physically writing down a sentence or two in a notebook or recording your ideas on your phone for later review, getting the details out of your head will help free up some creative space. When you’re event planning conferences and celebrations, you live by your to-do lists. Just don’t forget to keep creative lists, as well.

3. Schedule Some ‘You’ Time to Do Something New

If you’re constantly on “go,” as most New York event planners are, you could simply be too busy to nurture your creative side. To reconnect with your spontaneous side, carve some free time away from work. And schedule something new to try. Maybe it’s a family day to recharge your batteries or a full-blown vacation to somewhere new. Whatever your break looks like, just be sure to take one and create a routine of scheduling time away to rejuvenate your mind.

4. Physical Activity Has Creative Mental Benefits

Many health experts remind busy entrepreneurs to dedicate time to physical activity and exercise. In addition to the physical wellness benefits, there are also creative and mental benefits. Increased blood flow to the brain and deep breathing that accompanies a brisk walk through the park could be all you need to feel reconnected. Hop on your bike or take 15 minutes to do some yoga at home. More oxygen to the brain, on a more consistent regimen, will improve mental efficiency.

5. Mindless Activities Can Free Your Mind

Some of the most mind-freeing activities you can explore are those that seem absolutely mindless. There’s a solid reason adult coloring books have surged in popularity. Tackling small projects at home, like organizing the pantry, can be just the mental freedom your brain needs to refocus. People-watching served as great inspiration for fashion designer Mary Young, as shared in the book 33 Habits of Highly Creative People. And there’s no shortage of people-watching in New York City.

6. Find a Podcast, Audiobook, or TED Talk You Love

Sometimes, all an event planner needs is a good laugh, an inspirational TED Talk, or an afternoon of valuable entertainment to kickstart those creative juices again. Even fun and fiction can be helpful, especially if you’re into stand-up comedy. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine, releasing dopamine which is responsible for happiness. Some of the best lessons come from the wisdom of others, including the most innovative influencers you’ll find with TED Talks. And with all the time you spend in the car and on your own, tuning in to audio inspiration can help you stay in touch with your own creative side.

7. Create a Creative Space for Yourself

As a New York event planner, you know where all the cozy coffee corners and quiet park benches are. Pick one of these gem spaces for yourself and designate it as your creative space. If you’re feeling stagnant creatively, physically taking yourself to a place that you reserve for mental clarity can help jumpstart your creativity. For some people, this space is a solo swim at a favorite gym. For others, it’s a corner booth at a favorite diner. Wherever your creative space is, take the time to visit it often.

8. Allow Yourself to Fall Down the Pinterest Rabbit Hole

How many times have you found yourself scrolling through Pinterest or spending way too much time on YouTube? Likely, you kick yourself for wasting time on mindless fluff, videos of hilarious cats, and Pinterest recipes you'll never have time to prepare. But don't be so hard on yourself. You can justify that time as business preparation, especially if you spend time scrolling through event spaces, menu selections, conference themes, and creative decors. Allowing yourself time to explore will strengthen your creative muscles and keep you on the trending side of new ideas.

9. Attending Other Events

When you really need event planning inspiration, start attending other events as a guest. See what others are doing, what themes are popular, and what trends other attendees are talking about most by being a guest yourself. Take notes and ask questions. Get back in touch with your perspective as an attendee and really open your mind to new ideas. And the more you can collaborate and connect with other New York event planners, the better everyone becomes at creating those memorable events, spaces, and experiences. 

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