Planning The Perfect Event: 7 Essential Event Planning Skills That An Event Planner Should Have

October 14, 2019 Jessica Stewart

What makes an event planner great though? How do you know that your chosen planner has the event planning skills to accomplish what you want for your event? 

Whether you are looking to hire an event planner or you are one, here are 6 skills every event planner should have. 

1. Attention to Detail

When it comes to a successful event, it is the fine details that make the difference. For instance, if you know that it might rain, provide a place for guests to stow their coats and umbrellas. Or providing a basket of slippers for women whose heels have begun to hurt. 

2. Organizational Skills

There are a lot of moving parts to a successful event, and it takes a well-organized planner to ensure everything comes together. This means placing orders on time, following up to confirm order status, confirm delivery status, and make on-time payments. 

3. Communication 

If a planner cannot communicate well, they won't be able to accomplish what the client wants. They need to be able to understand what the client and also be able to explain what is, and is not, possible.  

Then it is just as essential to be able to communicate with the many vendors that will provide services for the event. The planner needs to be able to explain what the client wants and when it is required by. 

Clear communication creates a pleasant working environment and reduces the risk of problems. 

4. Problem Solving 

Speaking of problems, no matter how well you communicate and organize, thins will go wrong. Things totally outside of the planner's control will cause chaos for an event. 

A skilled planner will be able to take a setback and turn it into an asset. This could be a sudden change in weather, or a vendor not delivering, or even the client's outfit is suddenly ripping on the way to the event. 

5. Negotiation 

An event planner does something very similar to a general contractor on a house. This one person organizes many other merchants to all come together for one main goal. 

For an event planner, they need to be able to negotiate with other businesses to meet the demands of a particular event. 

This becomes even more important when the planner repeatedly works with the same vendors, such as florists and cake decorators for weddings. 

6. Budgeting 

When a client gives their event planner a budget, they expect the planner to stay within that budget. If they can't, they need to be able to tell the client this so that an alternative plan can be arranged. 

If not, only disappointment and frustration awaits the client. Either the client will be upset at going over budget, or the client will be disappointed when expectations are not met. 

Hone Your Event Planning Skills

Are your event planning skills up to snuff? If not, it's time to get working! Maybe you could be better organized. Or perhaps you could use a course on being a skilled negotiator. 

You know you are a successful event planner when your clients have a wonderful time and leave the event smiling. 

Now that you have the skills to make your events a success let's talk about the fun stuff, like menu ideas for spring and summer. 


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