10 Types of Event Services You Need to Coordinate

May 20, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Every New York event you coordinate will be different from the last. Their styles will vary, and the themes will change. And if you’re into multiple event niches, you’ll curate corporate conferences one weekend and host a bar/bat mitzvah the next! But despite all those unique variables that play into your services, the roster of event services and pros you need to work with in pulling them off remains constant. Check your preferred vendor lists and make sure you have each of these event services accounted for and on the ready for executing incredible events.

1. Catering Professionals

At the top of your list of event service providers are probably catering partners. You’ll want to cultivate these relationships, considering nearly every event you plan will require some kind of food service. Look for catering professionals who are great communicators just as much as they are chefs. Sample the menu selections yourself and work together with your catering pros to innovate new delicious fare. 

2. Music Entertainment

All of your celebratory events, corporate or social, will require music. And even if there isn’t a dance floor at your event, you still need some form of musical entertainment. From high-energy DJs and live bands to soloists and orchestras, stack your event vendor contact list with all the best performers. Categorize them, too, based on event experiences and crowd-pleasing chops, so you know exactly who to call when your event calls for something musical.

3. Keynote Speaker & Celebrity Wrangling 

Up next on your event services call list might be an entertainment company or firm that can help you wrangle the best keynote speakers, guest appearances, and celebrities for your events. From holiday celebrations to fundraising galas, big-name stage presence is essential. And you’ll need a right-hand partner to turn to when you need a brilliant motivational speaker, surprise celebrity guest, or globally-renowned keynote presenter.

4. Photo Booths

There was a time when only certain events called for photo booth fun. But today, nearly every event type is perfect for selfie stardom in a booth. Explore your New York booth partners wisely and choose those who bring all the best technology, the coolest props, and exciting experiences. Many are now offering video and stunning filters for event guests to have fun with, too. 

5. Florists

Bouquets aren’t just for weddings. And if you’re planning any kind of outdoor event, you’ll likely need a high-quality florist in your corner. Indoor events brighten with just the right floral centerpieces or accent arrangements, too. Be sure your event services roster has a healthy selection of great New York florists.

6. Entertainment Companies

Event guests want to be entertained. In fact, they come to expect it when they attend almost any kind of event. So, as an event planner, make sure you cultivate relationships with entertainment companies that can bring all kinds of games, technology, and elevated performances to your events. Think escape rooms, roasts, and game shows. But you might also need body artists, circus performers, or comedians, too.

7. Bakeries & Desserts

Not every event will call for a centerpiece cake. But your guests will be mighty disappointed if there’s no dessert. Consider building a go-to list of delicious bakers and dessert specialists for cupcakes, petit fours, cookies, and macarons. Just as you would with your catering partners, be sure to sample the goods and then work with your chosen bakers for stunning and delectable desserts every time.

8. Mixologists & Baristas

Elevated events don’t just serve coffee or have an open bar anymore. Today’s upscale gatherings of all kinds bring exquisite experiences to the bar service in the form of talented mixologists and signature cocktails. It’s not self-serve coffee, either. Now it’s talented baristas serving up lattes, espressos, and frothy works of art. Make sure your team has a few on the vendor list to call.

9. Artists 

Graffiti artists, caricaturists, and temporary tattoo artists are just a few of the artists today’s event-goers love to interact with when they attend. Consider building an art-related roster of talent or work with an entertainment company that can refer these gems to every event.

10. Audiovisual Specialists

Many of the top New York venue hotspots also come with incredible audiovisual capabilities. But it’s always a really good idea to have AV partners on-hand, as well. Sometimes you need digital whiteboards, brilliant lighting, LED wall panels, or stage designs that a traditional venue won’t have. Curate a few AV companies to add to your event services list and call on them when the sights and sounds need to be top-notch.

If you need help putting together great vendor partners that represent the key event services on this list, you have to get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October. Thousands of the events industry’s best service providers will attend this 3-day conference, and many will be exhibiting on the Trade Show floor. Get your tickets and start introducing yourself! Or better yet, reserve your own booth and showcase your event planning business to the best of the best!

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