12 Artistic Event Photographers in NYC to Capture the Moment

November 21, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Someone once said, “The best camera is the one you have on you.” We disagree. After all, we all have a trove of family photos in which foreheads are lopped off, and the children have maniacal red eyes. And let’s not even get started on the family holiday portrait. 

Needless to say, you’re not going to hire Aunt Betty to memorialize your New York events. And that’s why we say the best camera is the one in the hands of an accomplished artist. 

So, while the guests are intoxicated with joy and taking lopsided selfies, you can count on these New York event photographers to capture your event with consummate artistry and a polished eye.  

1. Amy Anaiz

If you’re looking for an event photographer partner who is as passionate as she is professional, then you’re looking for Amy Anaiz. A New York native specializing in capturing the feels and moments, Ms. Anaiz has plenty of experience capturing New York events. 

Ms. Anaiz’s corporate clients include HBO, Dropbox, and Tinder, among others. If you’re an event services professional needing a wedding photographer, you should know Ms. Anaiz has a calling. She’s dedicated to capturing wedding moments that allow us “to curl up in memories too sweet to forget.”

Amy Anaiz is a pro without the drama, and you’ll be as floored by her friendly demeanor as you are by her photos when you book her event photography services. 

2. Chi-Chi Ari

Although Chi-Chi Ari has been specializing in wedding event photography since only 2015, this relative newcomer has racked up serious accolades. She has been featured in Brides and was named a Top Wedding Photographer.

Chi-Chi Ari has a knack for uncovering that special connection between couples. Her photos capture couples and families in natural poses that are, as the photographer says, “authentic representations of themselves.” Indeed, her subjects seem illuminated by the love they share.  

When it comes to wedding event photographers, few manage to elevate the medium to historical art the way Chi-Chi Ari can. So, if you’re a New York event planner needing a wedding photographer, you can’t go wrong with Chi-Chi Ari. 

3. Tyrell Hampton

If your New York events are a smashing good time, then party photographer Tyrell Hampton is the one to capture the revelry. Mr. Hampton is somewhat of a celebrity himself, with features in W Magazine, Vogue, and Buzzfeed. Known as being fun and personable, He is a perfect agent to infiltrate the best parties and take photos that make the viewer feel as if she were there. 

Event services professionals specializing in upscale galas attended by the young and beautiful will appreciate Mr. Hampton’s ability to create a voyeuristic lens into exclusive events. His photos evoke a sense of vogue poshness and youthful abandon. 

4. Gruber Photographers

Hardworking, passionate, and innovative, the photographers at Gruber Photographers use a photojournalistic style to capture weddings and events. 

Rather than following his mother’s advice to “never become an artist,” owner Terry Gruber has been a celebrity photographer ever since he was a senior in college when he photographed the yearbook and the likes of the New York Times, and People Magazine made mention of Mr. Gruber's unique style.

Mr. Gruber isn’t afraid to be unconventional. He is widely sought after as one of a handful of event photographers taking “banquet photos” (think the group photo at the end of The Shining in which all the attendees were in perfect focus). 

Today, Mr. Gruber has a team of artists who take event photography to new heights. New York event planners can expert precision and exquisite storytelling from these consummate professionals. 

5. Fred Marcus Studio

For over 80 years, Fred Marcus Studio has memorialized New York events with unparalleled craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. When Fred Marcus opened his basement studio in 1941, there were only a handful of wedding event photographers. And although the playing field has grown considerably larger, Fred Marcus Studio still stands out as one of the best. 

Today, the studio is run by father and son, second and third generation, Fred and Andy Marcus. The family has photographed more than 30,000 weddings and counts celebrities such as Mary Tyler Moore and Eddie Murphy as clients. They’ve also photographed several generations of events within families. In that sense, Fred Marcus Studio’s success is about trust as much as it’s about stunning photographs.

New York event planners can rely on a good reputation nearly a century in the making when they hire Fred Marcus Studio. 

6. Zorz Studios

When New York event planners need something daring, elevated, and original, they turn to Zorz Studios

This event photography studio is the winner of multiple awards and achievements, including several Fearless Photographer™ awards and Adobe contests. Zorz Studio’s work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, and other publications. It’s no wonder the lead photographer, Ed Hafizov, has been named one of the top 50 US wedding photographers. 

Whether your event services clients want a speakeasy wedding or a medieval ceremony, Zorz Studios can deliver the originality and creativity to make their adventure come to life. 

7. Shi Studio

Dorothy Shi has been photographing New York events for over 25 years. For event services professionals with corporate clients, Shi Studio specializes in delivering high-quality, memorable images quickly. Ms. Shi embodies that perfect balance of professionalism and creativity, making her a perfect fit for corporate events. 

Ms. Shi is known for capturing the energy and excitement of corporate events. Before the event, she is in close conversation with clients, making sure she fully understands their event photography goals. Then, she uses advanced technologies, editing software, and old-fashioned grit to deliver results quickly. 

8. Ellen Wolff Photography

A self-described storyteller, Ellen Wolff is one of New York’s top event photographers. Ms. Wolff melds her style with the event in hand by capturing photographs defined by their subject. As a recognized fine art photographer, Ms. Wolff brings her creativity and discerning eye to her event photography. The results are beautifully framed shots that capture a story. 

9. Carey Macarthur

Carey Macarthur’s dramatic, timeless wedding photos transform your clients’ most memorable day into fine art. Using unique perspectives, long shutter speeds, or monochrome tones, Mr. Macarthur creates images that not only record but also evoke the essence of the event. The resulting images are as enduring as your clients’ love. 

10. Michael Levy

With an alchemy of lighting, perspective, and emotion—oh, the emotion, Michael Levy captures an essential thing about New York events: energy. Whether it’s a close-up of strawberry margaritas or a group shot of partygoers, viewers immediately connect with Mr. Levy’s photos. His inspired photos are a shot of caffeine that gives credence to the legend of the City That Never Sleeps.

Michael Levy is the photographer for New York event planners whose clients are looking for photos that tell a refreshing story. 

11. Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company

With 35 years of experience and 10,000 events, the team at Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company team knows its way around New York events. With that breadth of experience, they have photographed just about every major venue and site in the city and will know exactly how to take the perfect shot. 

Ms. Merians works tirelessly to nurture relationships with clients and capture what is unique about them. She brings energy, passion, and love to her work. Featured in big publications, such as the New York Times and Town & Country, she counts Martha Stewart, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, and many others among her clients. With her passion and friendly personality, Ms. Merians makes “everyday people feel like celebrities.” 

Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company is one of those rare event photography studios that literally does it all. For this reason, New York event planners would do well to program this studio’s phone number into their smartphones. Whether your event services clients are in need of wedding, mitzvah, or corporate event photos, Sarah Merians will deliver. 

12. Covered 

A New York events planner is nothing if not prepared. What if your event photographers fall through? What if your most loyal client has a last-minute shindig? What if your go-to photographer decides to herd sheep in Peru? 

Coverd has you, well, covered. With as little as 24-hour notice, Coverd will hook you up with an events photography professional. And you don’t have to worry about trekking across the city for lighting and accessories. Coverd is full-service, offering multiple location shoots, off-camera lighting, and complete editing services. 

Book an Artistic Event Photography Professional for Your New York Events

Nothing against Aunt Betty’s Fujifilm camera, but New York event planners need top-notch photographers. We know you love Aunt Betty. After all, she took that photo of you in your Wonder Woman Halloween costume when you were eight. But when you book any of the 12 top New York event photographers, you’ll feel like a superhero all over again. 

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