5 Emerging Event Design Trends to Look for in 2024

November 22, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Calling all New York event planners who need event design inspiration. We’ve scrubbed the web and assembled the emerging event design trends to look for in 2024. From weddings and mitzvahs to industry conferences and corporate events, these are the event planning details to know. And you can infuse these design trends and ideas with your own unique flair to make all your events stunning and memorable next year.

1. Making Statements with Event Details

One of the first emerging event design trends involves statement-making moments. Event planners are always looking for unique ways to make big impressions on their event guests. And you can make bold statements with even the smallest details. Consider finding ways to turn boring, traditional elements into new, interactive experiences. 

  • Transform a bar service into a mixologist-led, show-stopping libation experience.
  • Transform a table centerpiece into an interactive Jenga-inspired gaming experience.
  • Transform a corner-tucked photo booth into a stage-worthy video selfie experience.

2. Look for Booming Palettes of Bright, Bold Colors

Event designs are getting brighter, bolder, and more vivid in color schemes. Event planners are diving in to use brilliant color palettes as a method for igniting the senses. Bright colors are infusing energy into an event environment and evoking emotional responses from guests. And you can introduce colors throughout your NYC event with signage, draped materials, and great lighting techniques.

Pantone says the “Color of the Year” for 2024 is “Apricot Crush!”

3. Get Creative with Your NYC Event Seating

A popular event design trend emerging now involves seating arrangements. More and more event planners are opting for more unconventional seating charts and arrangements, which are introducing unique guest interactions and vibes. With your NYC events, step away from the traditional tabled seating arrangements and think of “relaxation” and “high-energy interactions.” Create mingling areas, variations in tables, and comfortable chaises.

  • Lounge-style seating
  • Cocktail-style seating
  • Restaurant-style seating 

4. Event Planning with Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Methods Matter

Events in 2024 are all going to lean toward being more eco-friendly and sustainable. Evaluate your event production strategies and look for ways to incorporate greener choices. From recycled materials and locally sourced products to energy-saving electronics and all-natural floral designs, you can gain greater client and event guest appreciation. Promoting your event planning methods as “sustainable,” where you can highlight your strategies for reducing waste and carbon footprints, can also help you land more event clients in 2024.

5. Embrace Hybrid Event Engagements

Whether you’re focusing your event planning efforts on weddings or you specialize in corporate event planning, hybrid events are “in” for good. Of course, virtual events were the only options there for a while. However, more social and corporate events are embracing the hybrid event model, allowing them to bring more guests (online) to the parties. EventMB’s research found that 71% of event professionals planned to continue with virtual and hybrid event production. Another 67% believed that the future of events includes hybrid engagements. And 97% of Bizzabo’s survey respondents expect to see even more hybrid events in the years to come.

Stay Informed About Event Design Trends at The Expo

Keep some of these emerging event design trends in mind as we head into the new year soon. And remember, the best place to be to discover event trends and inspiration is The Event Planner Expo. Explore your Expo exhibitor options and join the ticket waitlist for October 2024. It’s three days of fully immersive networking and learning experiences exclusive to the events and hospitality industry. The best of the best in event services will be there - will you?

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