3 Fun and Unique Wedding Themes

March 15, 2022 Susan Serena

Weddings are beautiful opportunities for couples to invite friends and family to celebrate their love and lifelong commitment to one another. Weddings are also usually pretty traditional affairs- bride in a white gown, groom in a tux, ceremony in a church, etc.

However, couples are increasingly deciding to do things their own way- taking the less traditional wedding routes. Themes are one option for a more unconventional wedding. Themed weddings can be a great way to make the happy couple’s personalities a central part of their special day. They can also make wedding planning that much more fun!

Continue reading for some fun and unique wedding theme inspiration!

The Peacock Wedding

Believe it or not, the majestic peacock has been an inspiration for wedding themes- and a beautiful one at that. The rich blues, purples and greens of a peacock’s tail have resulted in jaw-dropping decor and attire alike.

Source: Instagram

Vintage-inspired furniture is also a creative addition to this theme, as shown in the above Instagram post from Unconventional Wedding, an alternative wedding directory and blog.


The peacock theme is also a great option for brides who wish to go a more colorful route for their wedding dress.

Source: Instagram

Although this theme presents a danger of looking a bit tacky, Texas-based On Cloud9 Events took a classy and tasteful route with this theme. Using a royal purple and light blue color scheme, with peacock feather accents, the theme is clear, but not overwhelming. 

Source: Instagram

Even the dessert can be peacock-themed! Euphoric Cakes shows off their peacock-inspired creation, complete with a luscious tail of macaroons!

The Art-Deco/Gatsby Wedding

This wedding theme is rife with nostalgia for the Roaring 20s. Inspired by ‘The Great Gatsby’ and that wild decade, this theme will be sure to start an elegant, but no less “roaring,” party.

Source: Instagram

As shown by the alt-wedding planners at Rock N Willow Events, vintage furniture and decor are the defining pieces of this theme. It doesn’t hurt, however, if the bride is into a vintage-inspired dress and flapper-style hairdo.

Source: Instagram

This beautiful table setup, as shown on the Wedding Chicks Instagram, is a great example of art-deco weddings done right! Because the centerpieces are so lavish and loud, the place settings themselves are actually very simple. It’s a perfect blend of over-the-top extravagance and understated elegance.

Source: Instagram

And, of course, what would a Gatsby-inspired wedding be without a DIY champagne glass fountain and pyrotechnics? Much like the famed party scene from the movie version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, this couple decided to celebrate their love with a little bit (okay, a lot) of pizazz.

The Color Pop Wedding

Wedding themes don’t have to be based on anything besides the couple’s personality to be unique and exciting. The color pop wedding shows just how fresh and fun this type of wedding can be.

Source: Instagram

With florals dominating the wedding event industry, balloons rarely get their time to shine. However, this quirky and colorful wedding theme is an example of just how dynamic bright balloon arrangements can be. Events by Keenda, a London-based wedding planner, arranged these on-theme balloons in such a way that they almost look like oversized bouquets themselves!

Also, with so much emphasis on bridal fashion, sometimes wedding planners forget just how exciting the groom’s outfit can be. A pop of color, like bright suspenders, or a full colored suit, like the blue one the groom is wearing in the first picture, can be a welcome, on-theme respite from a plain, black groom’s tux.



Themed weddings certainly aren’t for everyone, but for those couples who march to the beat of their own drum, a themed wedding may be just the way to kick-off a quirky life together! Either way, you can always check out our event planning tips for more wedding ideas!






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