COVID-Friendly Wedding Planning Ideas

March 15, 2022 Nina DeGori

COVID-19 brought event planning to a screeching halt in 2020. It’s been almost six months (crazy, right?) since NYC first issued the stay-at-home order. Finally, though, there’s good news!


We have officially entered phase 4 of reopening in NYC!


Many non-essential businesses have once again opened their doors for socially distanced, COVID-friendly operations. Brides, grooms and wedding planners alike can all rejoice because that means that wedding planning can resume, as well.


Although any weddings in the near future will be quite intimate (gatherings in NYC are still limited to 50 people), it’s once again possible to have your fairytale wedding!


To help you accomplish your dream-come-true nuptials in the midst of a pandemic, we’ve put together some COVID-friendly wedding planning ideas!

Host your wedding in an outdoor venue.

Many couples in 2020 have opted for backyard or beach weddings, which are perfect for limiting the risk of spreading illness amongst guests.


However, many venues have been able to reopen their doors this summer and even offer beautiful outdoor spaces. For instance, Upstairs, the roof-top lounge at The Kimberly Hotel in NYC, has resumed hosting events in its indoor/outdoor spaces- complete with an unparalleled view of midtown Manhattan.


Venues, such as Upstairs, have made the necessary adjustments in accordance with statewide reopening policies to ensure the safety of guests. However, when in doubt, ask your wedding planner or venue staff to provide some details on sanitation and safety protocols.

Skip the cocktail hour buffet.

Buffets or self-service spreads are pretty common for pre-reception cocktail hours. However, with the spread of COVID-19, it’s not advisable to have open platters of food for multiple guests to handle.


Instead, opt for a “tasting menu” of individually wrapped portions to serve to guests. You can still provide all the fan-favorite, charcuterie items during the cocktail hour, but in a more sanitary, COVID-friendly way.

Livestream for guests at home.

Intimate weddings are lovely, but it can be disappointing to limit the guest list to just 50 people. Ultimately, there will be guests left out due to size or travel restrictions.


While planning your wedding, make arrangements to livestream the ceremony to those guests who couldn’t attend in-person. Livestreaming is the #1 virtual solution during COVID-19. It’s also the best and safest way to make sure that you can include more people in your happy day.

Customize your wedding favors.

In the past, it’s been popular to hand out customized wedding favors, such as candy, glasses or candles. You can apply the same concept while wedding planning to offer favors that are more appropriate to the time in which we find ourselves.


For example, you could include masks as one of your wedding favors. On the front, print your wedding hashtag or date. Or you could customize travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer with the names of the happy couple.


Your 2020 wedding will be unique, so you might as well make your favors stand out, too!




COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into everybody’s plans for 2020, but try not to let it put a damper on your special day. Get creative, and use these tips for COVID-friendly wedding planning!


For more wedding planning ideas, check out The Event Planner Expo Blog!


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