Event Profs Are Back in Business! Now What?

March 15, 2022 Susan Serena

As if the shifting industry elements for Event Planners in New York weren’t hard enough to keep up with prior to the pandemic, now our heads are REALLY spinning! After COVID, event profs all over the globe are readjusting yet again in order to safely accommodate their clients’ needs and that of attendees.

Event Planners in New York know that returning to live events is going to require a new event planning strategy because in order to successfully pack out any room you’ll have to know how people are really feeling about being in a crowd.

While there are event experiences that the public is ready to dive back into, many of the larger corporate events may still want to consider staying virtual for a bit longer, especially with new strains of the Coronavirus beginning to surface.

Event Planners in New York


What Event Planners in New York Need to Know About Event Planning After COVID

Your starting point in getting ready to produce captivating (and safe) events is learning the potential attendees’ insights on:

  • Views and concerns on going back to in-person events
  • Which events will have a higher chance of attendance?
  • How to guarantee protection at larger events
  • All about hybrid events
  • What the virtual events space will look like going forward
  • Event marketing strategies after COVID

Knowing what people are thinking and feeling about when it comes to attending live events again is only the starting point. More importantly, you’ll have to know what the reopening policies for your state are so that you’re aware of the restrictions for each region.

For example, here in New York State, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that people will have to show proof of the COVID vaccination for indoor experiences like:

  • Dining at restaurants
  • Attending shows
  • Going to the gym

According to a tweet published by The New York Times, we are the first state in the U.S. to implement this practice.

Hybrid Event Options

Seeing as safety concerns and state policies are shifting as needed to protect public health, Event Planners in New York are starting to see that online events aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Is that a terrible thing? Doesn’t have to be.

Large events like the 2020 Event Planner Expo had a great number of attendees when they were forced to host their annual show online.

While venues reopening around the globe has been exciting, the in-person experience has many moving parts in the air and that’s why hybrid events are an excellent approach…so long as you do it right.

With hybrid events, you can engage both virtual and live attendees using a variety of creative methods. Believe it or not, the technology being used for hybrid events are not that difficult to use and they provide excellent event data & metrics.

The last thing you want to do is discourage sponsorships or lose revenue (who needs that after such a tough year?) so the focus should now be to get the most registered attendees for your events. By offering in-person attendance and online attendance, you open up your opportunities for a better turnout.

Be sure to keep visiting our blog as we continue to update you on how Event Planners in New York are approaching offline and online events. 

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