5 Clever Event Sponsorship Ideas

May 17, 2022 Jessica Stewart

You know that to attract impactful event sponsorship you need to understand your audience and sponsors, completely. But with the number of events increasing and sponsorship dollars decreasing, how do you entice the sponsors you want.

Not all sponsorship has to be financial in nature. Consider these creative event sponsorship ideas to increase support for your next major event.

5 Unique and Clever Event Sponsorship Ideas

You are ultimately only limited by your imagination; consider these ideas as your seed inspiration.

#1 Get Social with Mixers and Photo Booths

No matter the conference or event one of the first goals of your attendees is connecting and networking. Consider engaging local businesses in an off-site, face-to-face social event. The event does not have to be large but should highlight the uniqueness of your sponsor.

While you are at it, create social media "spaces" throughout your event. Give your attendees specific, and messaged, a place to take selfies and group photos.

As they share their photos they are spreading the message you want for your event and you increase your reach. Don't forget to include an #eventhastag to further brand your event.   

#2: Scavenger Hunts and  Activity-Based Prizes

Scavenger hunts and activity-based prizes are a great way to engage lots of sponsors and exhibitors at once.

Include a scavenger hunt map with onsite registration packets. Challenge attendees to hit sponsors booths to get staps or a small swag item. Those attendees can get a discount on the next year's event by completing the entire hunt. 

You can achieve the same thing by having attendees do certain activities to receive a prize. On-site activities also provide a great opportunity for more social media exposure.

#3: DIY Craft Area or Wellness Breaks

You have worked hard to pack a lot into your event and your attendees feel it. Consider having a break area complete with crafts or coloring pages to allow attendees to shift their mindset so they can come back to the next session refreshed.

Wellness breaks can also be an attendee energy revival. Low-intensity exercise can have a big impact on mood and energy levels. Isn't the goal of every event to have happy, energized attendees.  

#4 Premium and Digital Swag Bags

If you have VIP attendees offer them premium swag bags. Sponsors are more willing to give products to a swag bag if they know that there is an exclusivity feel to the donation. 

If you are looking to go green, try a virtual or digital swag bag. Virtual swag bags allow sponsors to continue the interaction with potential customers long after the event is complete.  

#5: Privacy Pods or Spaces

Consider creating spaces to get work done, make a phone call, or just get away from the crowds. These spaces are appreciated by attendees and offer a unique sponsorship opportunity. 

Hopefully, the creative juices are flowing and you can add impact to your next event with these or other creative sponsorship ideas.

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