5 Hilarious and Fun Wedding Games That All the Guests Will Love

March 24, 2020 Jessica Stewart

Getting married is obviously one of the most special moments in life. After all, your wedding is the moment that you and your life-partner will begin the ultimate adventure together.

There's nothing better than a great wedding. Family and friends gather to celebrate new love, remember favorite memories and make new ones. In fact, a wedding can quickly turn into an unforgettable party. And one of the keys to the perfect party experience is to include great wedding games for everyone to get involved in.

This article takes a look at some of the best wedding reception games and activities you shouldn't miss out on. Keep reading to discover insight into how to turn your reception into the biggest party ever!

1. Giant Jenga

There's a good reason why Jenga has remained such a popular party game for so many decades. After all, the concept of the game is deceptively simple, and yet everyone can get involved and it offers plenty of suspense and big laughs.

The only thing that could make Jenga even better, is to make it even bigger. How much bigger? Well, the bigger the better!

In recent years, life-size Jenga has become all the rage and makes for even more suspense as everyone waits for the giant tower to topple over.

2. Giant Connect Four

Here is another popular game that's even better when supersized. Almost everyone loves Connect Four, and the supersized version is even more fun to play and fun to watch.

Giant Connect Four puts the game at the center of attention and is hard to take your eyes off of. So be prepared to wait in line for your chance to play!

3. Bride and Groom Trivia

Bride and groom trivia is a great way to get the married couple to spill all of their dirty little secrets. The key is to create a list of saucy questions about the newlyweds, and then have the quests try to answer them.

At the end of the game, the guest with the most correct answers will when a special prize. This is a great game that will help get all your guests involved in the fun!

4. Dance-Off

When you're ready to really turn your reception into a party, it's time for a dance-off. Have all your guests pair up on the dance floor. The rules are simple: if you stop dancing for any reason, you're out and have to leave the dance floor. Then the last couple still standing wins.

5. The Wedding Shoe Game

Have the newlyweds sit back to back in chairs. They remove their shoes, and the bride holds one of her shoes and one of the groom's shoes, and vice versa.

Now a member of the wedding party asks questions, and the newlyweds must answer each question by raising the appropriate shoe. For example, who has the worst taste in music?

The Best Wedding Games for Your Reception

Keeping your wedding guests entertained at the reception might feel stressful. Fortunately, the wedding games listed here will help make sure that everyone has an amazing night.

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