Cultural Events in Times of COVID-19

April 10, 2020 Susan Serena

The COVID-19 crisis single-handedly brought the entire world to a sudden and unprecedented halt. Millions of people are now locked down in their homes, living under the fear of the unknown and uncertainty. As the entire world shut down, many cultural events, including in the US, were cancelled for indefinite period.

Almost every person has one question on their mind: what’s next? Many organizers and event planning companies have come with a perfect alternative – virtual events. All of us are familiar with the concept of working from home, but have you ever tried participating in virtual events from home? To make people’s time indoors less frightening, some organizers have used the internet to hold cultural events. Let’s see what they are:

Virtual Cultural Events in Times of COVID-19

1.Virtual Museum Tours

A few years back, tech geniuses come up with VR technology. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, tech-savvy curators started organizing virtual tours for people. For the majority, living in self-isolation is frustratingly depressing, and they need distractions to keep themselves busy and stop thinking about the horrifying effects of a novel virus that has wreaked havoc in the world indiscriminately. From Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York to British Museum, London, several establishments offer virtual tours, allowing people to marvel at the spellbinding art from the comfort of their homes.


As the COVID-19 turns into a global pandemic, governments across the world restricted the gathering of a certain size of people, making it impossible for the event industry to organize events. But pros of the industry have come up with a novel way to address these concerns. The Metropolitan Opera, last month, announced that it will be streaming selected performances on its official website for free.

3.Art Galleries

Taking a cue from museums, art galleries have also gone digital to provide some entertainment to locked citizens who are desperately trying to find an anchor to hold on to, to deal with the unprecedented crisis of their times. Now, you can take the virtual tour of famous art galleries – from National Gallery of Art, Washington to Musée d’Orsay, Paris – while being at home.

4.Live Performances

Music lovers may definitely be missing the charm of attending concerts of their favorite bands or singers. There is something uniquely magnificent about the packed arenas and stadiums that – although an open air space – echo with the thunder of drums and other musical instruments. Understanding the connection people have with music, many singers have started coming live on their Instagram profiles to entertain their fans.  

The Final Word

The COVID-19 crisis has spread a wave of fear across the world. People are advised to stay home for their own safety. Naturally, people will want something that help them to stop stressing over the pandemic. And while there is nothing that can substitute either the pleasant and comforting silence of museums where you can spend hours marveling at various items or the warm energy a houseful opera performance gives, these virtual events are great entertainment options for a majority!

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