5 Key Details Event Planners Often Miss

January 2, 2023 Jessica Stewart

By 2028, the event planning market is expected to be worth more than 1,500 billion dollars. That's a lot of events, and a lot of balls to balance for event planners!

Many of these events go off without a hitch.

But, even the most experienced #eventplanners can overlook things that might seem elementary.

Read on to find out about the main details that event planners tend to miss.

1. The Internet

Depending on what type of event you're hosting, it might be very important to have a strong WiFi connection. This is particularly true for #corporateevent planning. However, it's something that many event planners overlook. You need to ensure to test the internet connection yourself before the event.

This can also be true of other technical requirements you might need for your event. You may have discussed it with the venue, and taken their reassurances at face value. But, it's always important to double-check.

Keeping your guest's needs into consideration is also important. Have charging stations located around the venue.

2. Booking The Wrong Guests

If you're having a panel discussion, #keynotespeakers, or something similar at an event, you'll need to be careful about having the right people booked.

it's important to not lose sight of inclusivity and diversity when you're booking panelists. It's not just bad optics - it will also prevent guests from getting the full picture of what's being discussed.

If you're unsure about your choices, you might want to ask others what they think. They may have a perspective on the topic that you can't see because you're just too close to the situation.

3. Not Having a Back-Up Plan

No matter how solid you think your event plan is, you really need to have a backup plan for every aspect of your events. You need to have backups for any speakers you have, regardless of how committed they seem.

After all, there are always family or health emergencies that could come up. You should also have backup venue possibilities on hand, just in case. Losing the venue last minute is a nightmare, but not having other options will make things much worse.

4. Not Having Enough Time

Oftentimes, event planners are working on their event plan up to the last moment. And sometimes you just run out of time. It happens, but there are actions you can take to prevent this problem.

Delegate to others whenever possible. Utilize time management strategies to ensure you get things done in time. Create a list of what you need to get done organized by priority so that the most important things get done first and you can just work on things that would be nice to have afterward.

Avoid These Common Mistakes Event Planners Make

Now that you know about the major mistakes that event planners make, you can work to avoid them in your own career.

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