Make Your Corporate Event a Sensation with These 5 Attendee Engagement Tips

January 2, 2023 Desiree Homer

Event planners in 2023 are stepping up their game when it comes to corporate events and attendee engagement. There’s no room for stale New York conferences and yawn-worthy stage presentations. To really succeed today, you’ll want to leverage every engagement tool in the toolbox to make each corporate event, product launch, team-building conference, or meeting memorable and experience-driven. Here are the insights you need to consider if boosting corporate attendee engagement is on your to-do list!

1. Keep Those Guests Moving

There was a time when “corporate” implied boring. But today’s New York conferences are anything but boring. As an event professional, look for ways to keep your guests moving. Avoid long stretches of sitting by incorporating regular breaks, speed networking sessions, and even fitness exercises. The more active your attendees are, the more energy they’ll maintain and share throughout the event.

2. Interactive Networking Spaces

When you select a corporate event venue, look for spaces you can designate at networking lounges. Create several interactive networking spaces where guests can mingle away from the masses. Intimate conversations lead to more authentic connections and discussions. And introductions are more likely in smaller groups than among larger circles.

3. Technology Attractions That Inspire

Break away from the traditional methods of event organization and adopt every technology that helps streamline check-ins, event announcements, and guest identification. Inspire and entertain your corporate event attendees with VR and AR stations with interactive learning. Bring virtual guests by hosting a hybrid event, complete with online engagement. Infuse your event with tech and bring a modern, state-of-the-art experience.

4. Games Still Rule

Friendly competition is always a great corporate event addition. Bring the games in whenever possible to get your guests interacting and having fun. Prizes and incentives help inspire participation. And with the right games or competitions, you can add layers of fun and excitement to any corporate conference or brand event.

5. Focus on Entertainment

While choosing the right venue and catering is paramount to your corporate event’s success, don’t overlook the importance of entertainment. If you book a mediocre DJ or emcee or bring in a marginally entertaining performer, your guests will notice. Consider rolling out the red carpet for celebrity appearances. Book the live band. Bring in the magician or mentalist. Just remember, whatever entertainment decisions you make, make sure they’re going to dazzle and wow your guests.

Get inspired with these corporate event attendee engagement ideas and start dominating as a New York event planner. And while you’re at it, make sure you’re on the official waiting list for The Event Planner Expo 2023! It’s the one room you can’t afford NOT to be in, come October if growth and inspiration are your objectives this year.

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