5 Reasons to Hire an Event Planner

September 27, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Corporate events are becoming increasingly popular again. In-person events declined during COVID-19 restrictions, but many of those limitations have now eased.

Marketing teams favor these for a good reason. A recent survey of B2B companies found that over 80% saw a positive ROI after hosting an event.

Events can help you launch a new product, win key customers, or share ideas and thoughts in your industry. Yet they come at a cost. They need lots of planning and time to make the event perfect.

That's where an event planner can help. But what does an event planner do? In this guide, we'll help answer that question by sharing five compelling benefits of event planners.

1. It Saves Time

Time is a precious commodity in business.

Event planning has lots of complex elements that will involve weeks of work. You'll need to secure dates, venues, and vendors. You'll send invites, arrange decor, and plan the big day.

That's to name a few of the many tasks on your list.

Unless event planning is your full-time occupation, that's an extensive to-do list to add to your busy schedule.

Imagine the hours it can take to do one small element, like calling venues for availability. It's easy to spend an entire day on the phone, making calls and inquiring about available dates.

When you hire an events planner, you get a professional who can take the reins immediately.

It instantly reduces the stress and responsibility of facing that busy schedule. You can focus on other high-priority items with your event in safe hands.

The most experienced event planners will have streamlined processes and checklists. So it means you'll know up-front what they need from you. You won't get multiple questions and decisions sent your way each day.

Plus, since event planners have experience and connections, they can do many tasks faster.

For example, they'll already have a shortlist of suitable venues. And they will probably have a named contact too. So rather than spend a day researching and collecting contact details, they can begin booking a venue immediately.

That's advantageous if you have a tight deadline for your event.

Challenging deadlines may be unachievable if you try and arrange it in-house. But a planner will know the fast-track routes to do the job without compromising quality.

2. Event Planners Can Elevate Your Event to the Next Level

An event often comes with business objectives, so you want a great return on that investment.

Event planners can upgrade your event and make it more impactful in several ways. Here are some ways an event planner will add value.

Consistent Branding

A professional planner will understand the importance of business branding for your event. They'll have the attention to detail to ensure this branding shines at every touchpoint.

That means decor, presentations, and welcome signs.

This consistency will set your business apart and show you as a professional organization. If you are using an event to win over customers or investors, that could bring lots of rewards.

Innovative Themes

An event planner will ensure your event is a step up from many run-of-the-mill events.

For example, they can suggest unusual and memorable themes for your event. With the addition of cutting-edge technology and creative input, they can bring themes to life.

That offers exciting possibilities, such as augmented reality booths or interactive sessions.

They'll Ensure Your Event Flows

Flow seems like a wooly concept, but achieving an event experience is imperative.

It's like conducting an orchestra. It brings together many individual parts into one beautiful piece of music.

Each part of an event must naturally flow into the next, offering your guests a more seamless and coherent experience.

An event planner's experience will add value here. They'll understand the importance of flow and how to get it right during your event.

3. They'll Know About the Most Up-to-Date Ideas

We've already touched on how an event planner can use the most cutting-edge ideas for your big day - like AR, for example.

An event planner can do this in many other ways because they are immersed in this industry.

That means they follow trends and industry news and will have their finger on the pulse. They will often be the first to learn about new ideas, like a trendy new venue.

This quality is essential. A stale, old-fashioned event could reflect poorly on your business image.

Here are some further reasons planners can bring new ideas to your event.

They Attend Industry Conferences

Event planners will attend annual conferences in the industry. Here, they'll be the first to learn about new concepts, technologies, or event features.

They Have an Established Network

Event planners have lots of industry contacts. That's a massive asset.

For example, a venue contact might tip them off about a new catering company getting fantastic reviews. It means you'll always have access to the best venues, technology, catering, and equipment for your event.

It's like having an insider on your team.

They Have an Adaptive Mindset

Events need to change with the times.

For example, in recent years, companies have become more mindful about hosting sustainable and socially-conscious events.

Planners know this, and they also have the capability of adapting quickly to changing times. They'll help you avoid an accidental PR disaster by making sure your event reflects the mood of the day.

They can integrate eco-friendly resources or community-centric initiatives into your event. The result? A PR win for your company.

4. They Know How to Plan Memorable Events

In business, you need to wow your customers to get that vital edge over the competition. Hosting an event can help you do that, but only if you can wow your guests. You must leave your mark.

That's where an event planner comes in handy.

They know the small features distinguishing an exceptional event from a forgettable one. It's got to get people talking, and they can make that happen in a few ways.

They'll Add Magic to the Finer Details

An event planner can add virtually invisible touches to an event that will impress your guests.

It could be something as subtle as perfect lighting that helps set the mood the moment your guests enter the room. Or it could be the addition of an interactive display when your guests arrive at the event.

Perhaps they put on an entertainment show during the break to help liven the atmosphere. An event planner can use many small touches, and they'll have a vast library of ideas.

They'll Think About Personalization

The most successful events tailor it to the audience. The more you know about your guests, the more you can craft an event that wows.

For example, an event planner could use a pre-event survey to discover more about your attendees. Armed with that information, they can add small touches to the day to make the event feel personalized.

Here is another example. Suppose you have someone with unusual dietary needs. In that case, you can ensure they have specially prepared food at the event.

High-Quality Production

Most events have some form of presentation, and few guests will want to sit through a dull set of slides.

Event planners will help bring the wow to a presentation, using music, top-quality technology, and visual elements. Plus, they'll have processes for testing all this equipment before the big day to ensure it runs smoothly.

So you'll avoid company embarrassment from last-minute technical failures.

5. They Offer the Best Venues, Services, and Connections

The backbone of your event is the infrastructure. The network of contacts available to an event planner means you won't have to compromise.

Take exclusive venues, for example. The most prestigious venues are often booked out well in advance, and many have waiting lists.

Yet an event planner could have helpful contacts to ensure you get access to that in-demand venue.

The same goes for services such as photography, catering, and furnishings. They'll be able to secure bespoke menus or specialists for your event.

The best people often have a full calendar, but an event planner can help you reach these people when you might struggle to book them yourself.

There are other examples of when an event planner can add value.

Imagine you've booked an entertainer to present the warm-up at your event, but they pull out at the eleventh hour. That could be a disaster for many companies, leaving a notable gap in your event schedule.

However, a planner will have contacts and can find that all-important last-minute replacement.

Plus, their experience in events means planners can often foresee these problems and head them off before they become an issue. They'll do small but valuable tasks like double-checking bookings the day before the event.

What Does an Event Planner Do?

So what does an event planner do? The answer is that they are a blend of project manager, creative artist, and marketing whiz. They also have invaluable industry contacts that can help set your event apart.

For more guidance on getting your next event perfect, join us at The Event Planner Expo. Tickets are available here.

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