5 Small Business Event Planning Tips You Need to Use

May 17, 2022 Jessica Stewart

31% of marketers consider event marketing to be the most effective marketing channel.

Whether you knew this statistic or not, it's likely that planning a business event has crossed your mind before. However, when you started to realize how time-consuming the process would, you lost motivation. There are so many details to take care of, you get overwhelmed just thinking about it!

But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, organizing an event with time and with the right tips and tricks in mind can become a fun challenge for you and your team!

Ready to start organizing your business event? These five tips will make it all a lot easier.

1. Start by Making a List of All the Important Details

When you start a new project, one of the first steps is always to plan out the details and document the relevant information, isn't it? You should look at this event like any other project.

Schedule a kick-off meeting with the people you want to see involved in the planning of this event and make a checklist of details such as:

  • The event's target audience
  • The goal(s) of the event
  • Potential locations and dates
  • Services you'll need to hire (i.e., catering, transportation, etc.)

Use this meeting to also establish a timeline for the planning process. This way you can make sure everything's ready on time.

2. Determine a Budget

Your budget is one of the main factors that will determine what you can and cannot have at your event. Before you hire any services or book any venue, make sure you have a realistic budget established.

Do know that a low budget doesn't have to be limiting. It only means you might have to be a little more creative!

3. Plan Out the Flow of the Event

On the first step, you determined the goal(s) of your event and now it's to plan how you'll achieve it. Will you have industry experts speaking at your event? Will you organize workshops for your attendees? Will you host team-building activities?

Figure out what you want to happen at the event and start building its schedule.

Don't forget that you need to entertain your guests from the moment they step foot into the venue until the last minute of the event.

4. Promote the Event

The promotion of your event will make the world of a difference in how many people attend. Don't forget to use social media and email marketing to your advantage.

Pro tip: Ask for the attendees' email addresses when they sign up. It'll be useful after the event!

5. Monitor the Results

This one might seem a bit tricky but it's actually quite simple. We said having your guests' email addresses would be useful and here's why: you can send them surveys and ask them for their opinion on the event.

On top of this, check social media for posts about the event. 34% of attendees stated that they'd post about their experience at an event, so you might just find useful feedback online!

Time to Start Planning Your Next Business Event!

Just because you have a small business, it doesn't mean you can't have a grandiose event. All you need to do is take the planning process one step at a time and be flexible about it.

There's always a chance that not everything will go as you wish but keeping your morale high will always help you succeed!

If you'd like some help organizing your next unforgettable business event, make sure to contact us


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