6 Ways to Incorporate Sustainable Solutions into Your Event

September 26, 2022 Desiree Homer

Your event clients might be asking more questions these days about eco-friendly event amenities and sustainability solutions. As an event planner, there is value in developing new organizational strategies for going green and reducing an event’s footprint. Here are some of the best methods for incorporating more sustainable solutions into your events.

1. Work with Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Partners

There might not always be things you can do to contribute directly to your event’s sustainability. But your vendors sure can. Consider adding sustainability requirements for your event caterers, venues, and vendors. When you can make better choices about who you partner with for an event, you can introduce greener methods your clients will appreciate. 

2. Verify Recycling at Your Event

One of the easiest and likely the most effective ways to incorporate sustainable solutions into your event is with green waste management. Consider separating the waste into various categories, including organic food waste, recyclable items, and general disposables. Check with your venue and each of your vendors to verify they have alternative methods for disposal.

3. Shuttle Services

If there are more sustainable travel opportunities for traveling guests, consider making them available to your clients. Shuttle service, for example, can reduce the carbon footprint by carpooling several guests at a time from a common parking garage, airport, or metro. And anytime you can choose an event venue that has close proximity to mass transit is helpful.

4. Digital Alternatives

Explore ways to implement hybrid event alternatives for your event. Attendees can then choose to attend virtually, reducing any footprint involved with travel. Your clients will appreciate having the choice of flying in guest speakers or featuring speakers on a screen presentation instead, too. And any opportunity you have to forgo paper, like with itineraries or conference agendas, do it with digital or app-based options instead.

5. Energy Efficiency

Consider ways to reduce energy consumption with your event. Some venues already employ solar or biomass generators as a more sustainable source of power. But there are also other energy-saving features available with some lighting components, audiovisual, and IT equipment to look for, too. And for those multi-day conferences and events, you can develop a “power down” plan to reduce energy consumption.

6. Reduce Swag Waste

You can’t host a great conference, corporate event, or party without some swag or giveaways. But before you start ordering the promotional materials, explore different vendors out there who use recycled components or have more sustainable options. Avoid investing in swag that’s easily disposable, like branded candy. Instead, opt for items that have a long shelf life, like sustainably produced tote bags or tee shirts.

Because so many companies and event clients will want to know about producing more eco-friendly and sustainable events, you should be exploring new ways to go green. Keep these ideas in mind, and make sure you go to The Event Planner Expo 2022 for more inspiration on how to improve your event planning services. And to really position yourself as an expert, contact us about reserving your exhibitor space on the tradeshow floor!

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