3 Fall Corporate Decor Ideas to Wow Your Client

September 22, 2022 Erica Maurer

It's fall, and you know what that means: changing leaves and cooler weather.

We're not just talking about the weather, though! It's also a time to reflect on the past year and gather your energy for the upcoming one.

The best way event professionals can create the most fitting ambiance is with some decorating.

If you want your office party to be both inviting and exciting, check out these fall corporate decor ideas for Event Planners in New York!

Corporate fall decor ideas

Fall is a great time of year for event professionals to decorate for your corporate office events. The leaves are changing, there's a chill in the air and it's just so much more pleasant than summertime.

It’s also a great time to think about how you can show off your company’s personality through your choice of seasonal décor and set the mood for cozy client meetings or staff brainstorming sessions.

Plus, it’s the intro to the staff’s holiday season.

Here are some inspired autumn corporate decor ideas for Event Planners in New York that will help you create an inviting atmosphere:

1| Fall foliage

Foliage is one of the most popular ways to bring fall into any space, especially in North America where it comes with such an abundance of color and variety! Simply adding some leafy garlands around windows or hanging them from ceilings will instantly change up an indoor space while also bringing some freshness inside during these colder months. You can even use artificial branches if you have allergies but still want that ‘in nature’ feel!

2| Pumpkins, gourds and corn stalks

If you want to add a touch of fall decor that is more rustic and less ‘sparkly’ than the usual fall decor, try using pumpkins or gourds as centerpieces. You can even fill up your coffee tables with them for a simple but impactful display! Corn stalks are also another great option as they give off an earthy feel while also being visually appealing.

3| Don’t forget about candles!

You can add them to your centerpiece displays or even just place them around the house for that nice, warm glow. If you want a more rustic feel, try using real pumpkins as candle holders!

Fall decor is all about a relaxing space

Fall decor is all about a relaxing space, so it’s important to put your guests at ease. This can be done by incorporating elements that evoke the season and make them feel cozy.

Here are some ideas for fall decor:

  • String lights in the office windows. This will allow sunlight to filter through while creating an inviting atmosphere for clients.
  • Hang natural-looking pumpkins from the ceiling or along the walls of your office space, with candles underneath them so they provide some light as well as set a romantic tone for evening meetings with clients who have gone out of their way to travel across town for this meeting (you know who you are).

Event professionals should design a fall style with foliage

Foliage is a simple way to bring the outdoors in. Whether you’re decorating your office or home, foliage can be used in a variety of ways to elevate your decor.

Event professionals should consider using seasonal foliage that compliments the season you want to create. For example, if you're going for an autumn feel, consider using some berries or pinecones as accents on tables and desks. These items also make great accessories for pictures and artwork!

You can use anything from real plants to fake ones: both have their benefits! If you have allergies or don't want the hassle of watering and caring for real plants, opt for artificial ones instead!

They won't die when the fall comes around so no worries about replacing them year after year either - just keep them looking shiny with regular dusting sessions every other day from September through November 21st hits (which marks Fall's end).


If you’re looking for corporate fall decor ideas, consider these tips.

Additionally, use natural materials as much as possible so that everything blends seamlessly!


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