7 Ways to Improve Your Event Client Communication

August 3, 2022 Jessica Stewart

New York event planners are keenly aware of the importance of ongoing and effective client communication throughout the event planning process. An open flow of dialogue will ensure your client communicates everything they want for their event and allows you to exchange ideas and solutions as you manage expectations. But sometimes, it’s helpful to review tips and suggestions for improvements and best practices with your client communication strategy. Here are some insights and ways you can explore to improve your client communication.

1. Establishing Communication Channels

Improve your client communications first by establishing more than one channel. Talk with clients about their preferred methods of communication. But then also add in other options, including WhatsApp, texting, or quick calls. Be clear, too, about who all needs to be included in your event planning conversations or needed for approvals. Setting the right expectations will ensure you’re connecting in all the right ways with all the right people.

2. Keep It Simple

Avoid long, drawn-out explanations or excuses when simplified statements get the point across. Yes, you’ll want to keep a professional tone with your clients. But client communication should always be direct, have a purpose, and get straight to the point to avoid any risk of misunderstanding. Lose the windy emails and opt for the quick texts and to-the-point messages instead.

3. Highlight Positives 

As you're planning the event, reach out and share good news and highlight positives in the process. These “high-five” calls can be quick, just to share that the venue is officially booked or to share the full roster of entertainment and backup entertainment. As you make progress in your planning, communicate those wins with your clients. It will demonstrate your progress, so they won’t have to guess. And they won’t feel compelled to reach out to see how you’re doing when you offer nuggets of progress ongoing.

4. Be Transparent About Challenges

No one wants to talk to clients about setbacks and challenges. However, if you want to improve your relationship with them, be honest and immediate about sharing what obstacles you face. They can be a problem-solver with you and will appreciate your transparency.

5. Regular Conversations for Updates

When you first start event planning with your client, schedule a series of regular conversations leading up to the day of the event. These dates can be agreed upon upfront and convey to your clients that you will be planning with them as much as for them. It can also be a buffer for when clients have quick questions, to save them for the next scheduled communication day instead of several calls or texts over several days. 

6. Offer Added Value Points

Your clients don’t just want to hear from you when you need something or have a problem. Improve your client relationships by also communicating when you have something to offer, including added value extras. Make yourself available should new questions arise or other event planning details need to be reviewed, as well.

7. Prioritizing Communication Quality Over Quantity

Improving your client communication means prioritizing quality over quantity. Making 30 calls without offering relevant updates is a nuisance. Making ten calls with detailed updates is going to be preferred. Consider reviewing your current client communication strategy and look for ways to make each conversation touch point more valuable. 

Consider these client communication improvements for your strategy. You can build better client relationships and save yourself time and energy, too. For more insights on client strategies, keep up with our ongoing blog series and make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2022! There are limited sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities left, too, so contact us today to reserve yours!

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