Choosing the Right Event Speaker for Your Target Audience

February 20, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Even a brand-new public speaker can charge as much as $2,500 to speak at an event. Experienced and in-demand speakers often charge far more. A significant outlay like this needs meticulous consideration.

But choosing a suitable event speaker can be a difficult task. This is because you need to consider many different factors when you make your choice.

Are you looking for advice on choosing the perfect speaker for your event? We've put this article together to help you learn everything you need to know. Read on for some crucial tips.

Think About Your Budget

Money can be a contentious issue for an event planner. You might have to cut out some things you'd like. But you may want to think twice before cutting down on your event speaker budget.

How much of your event budget will you spend on your speaker? Event speakers come at different prices, but it's no use scrimping if you're looking for a truly impressive speaker.

Some speakers are willing to lower their prices, especially if you allow them to promote their other services or businesses at your event. If someone you'd like to appear at your event but are just out of budget, why not reach out to them and see if you can work out a deal?

Consider Your Audience

Your audience should be at the center of all decision-making when choosing a speaker. Think about their background and expectations. Are they hoping to be entertained or get the cold hard facts?

You must strike the right balance between providing new information to your audience and keeping them engaged. The exact nature of this balance will depend on the makeup of your audience.

It's worth doing a little added research to help make a good decision. For example, you could hire a market research company to develop a profile of your average attendee. Or you could compile a survey and send it to people on your mailing list.

Or you can gather information more informally. Speak with colleagues and thought partners you trust and ask them if they would be happy to attend a talk by an individual guest speaker.

Think About Value For an Event Speaker

Remember the ultimate purpose of your conference and any speakers you hire. You are trying to impart value to your attendees, giving them some information or experience they could not have otherwise. And you must respect that busy people have chosen to spend time at your event.

Your speaker needs to offer something your audience could not quickly get elsewhere. The speaker should provide a range of advice and life advice that appeals to a range of people in the relevant industry. This might come from a unique experience in the field or special knowledge of innovation.

Try to find a speaker with a layer of experience or expertise above the average attendee for your event. Attendees don't want to hear from someone just like them. They want to take pearls of wisdom from someone who's been there and done that.

That said, be sure your speaker can still offer relatable advice to your average attendee. A conference for budding salespeople in the computing industry may not be well served by a speaker best known for working as the CEO of a major company.

To get more ideas on finding a speaker that offers value to attendees, check out one of our events.

Consider When They'll Speak

The timing of your speaker's appearance can significantly impact the type of your choice. Think about the structure of your event and how you want the day to flow when selecting your speaker.

More energetic speakers are ideal for the start of an event. These charismatic talkers can get your event off to a flying start by raising the energy levels among attendees.

Information-driven driven speakers are often perfect for the middle of an event. This helps you to impart lots of valuable information to your attendees at the core of your day,

Big-name speakers with something of a celebrity pull are often the perfect way to end a long event. You can build up to their talk throughout the day, keeping people interested and avoiding attendees heading home early.

Give Them What They Need

Most event speakers are all about words. What they say should be their most significant value. But some speakers use additional features to help them get their message across.

Be sure to open up a dialogue with your chosen speaker about anything they might need. From a personal assistant for the day to special audio-visual equipment, a speaker could make all kinds of demands from you.

As a side note, it's a good idea to go the extra mile to ensure your speaker is happy and has everything they need. For example, some speakers request a dressing room, lunch, transport to the airport, and all kinds of extras. If it fits your budget, it's a good idea to work with your speaker to give them what they need since this will give you a better result.

Learn More About Quality Event Planning

Event planning is somewhere between science and art. The more knowledge and experience you have about the process, the better the result. It can even help you choose a great event speaker.

Are you looking for an event to help you learn more about conference planning? Then, we have just the thing for you! Get your tickets to our tenth-anniversary event, where you'll benefit from the combined expertise of our expert speakers.

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