Corporate Event Venue Considerations: Choose the Right Location With These Tips

May 20, 2019 Mario Stewart

Did you know that there are 18 million US-based events and meetings each year? The industry is huge, producing millions of dollars in labor income and contributing billions in spending to the economy. It takes countless hours of work from event planners like you to put these events together. 

One of the first and most important decisions made in the planning process is where to hold the event. The space chosen for the event impacts the success of the event and the enjoyment of its attendees, so this can be a stressful decision to make. Read on for some valuable tips to help you select the perfect corporate event venue.

Focus First on Location, Location, Location

As home realtors say, it's all about location. You first need to narrow your search for a venue down to a specific area. You may want to base this decision on where your attendees will be coming from. 

Consider if your industry is focused in one area of the country. For example, the tech industry is focused on the west coast, so most tech events are held there.  If you expect many out-of-town guests, consider the proximity of airports and public transportation, as well as hotels. 

Take Note of Event Venue Capacities

You've thought about where your attendees are coming from and now it's time to consider how many attendees will be at your event. You want to choose space with the capacity to fit your expected guest volume, but with some wiggle room in case you have a larger turnout than expected. If you choose a space too large, it can be hard to get people to gather and can look like you weren't able to get enough attendees. 

Venue capacity isn't only about how many people can fit in a space. It's also about how many people a space can accommodate for amenities like bathrooms and WiFi service. You'll also need to know the limits for venues' food and beverage services.

Look for a Layout That Will Suit Your Needs

Say you've found a venue that can fit 2,500 people, but it can only fit 1,500 in the main space and then 500 in each of the two smaller event rooms. Would this meet your needs? You need to investigate the layout of the event space before making your final commitment. 

This is when you'll need to consider exactly how you'll use the space, whether that's for exhibitions at a trade show or keynote presentations at a conference. Also, think about the flow of traffic during the event. Consider which areas will be high traffic and which space will need to accommodate the most people at one time.

Seek Advice from Other Event Planning Professionals

Once you find your event venue, there's still so much more to do to ensure your corporate event is a success. Browse our blog for more event planning advice, like how to attract C-suite execs to your event. Also consider purchasing tickets to our Event Planning Expo, where you can learn and connect with others in the industry. 

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