Looking to Hire an Event Planner? Look for These Essential Qualities!

May 9, 2019 Jessica Stewart

The average corporate event costs anywhere between $20,000 – $50,000.

When dealing with these big figures, it's important to make sure that the event is a hit. But how? 

One of the best ways is to hire an event planner who will work with you to organize the perfect event. Read on to learn exactly which qualities you should look for when hiring event planners.


When you are trying to find a planner for your event, professionalism is paramount.

You want to work with an experienced and knowledgeable event planner that will be able to handle your event.

To find an event planner, take a look at various event planning websites. Look for a professional, modern website. Seek out an event planner that has a strong social media presence. 

Experience and Specialization in Your Niche

You want to find a planner that specializes in the type of event you are looking for. Whether it's an upscale corporate fundraiser or a fun-focused employee appreciation party.

You want to find an event planner that has experience in planning a similar event. You need an event planner that can prove they can take on your project.

One of the ways you can have confidence in your event planner is to speak to some of his or her previous clients.

References and reputation are crucial in the event-planning business. Before you hire an event planner, you should connect with several past clients. That will help you get a sense of what it's like to work with this particular planner before you sign a contract.

Attention to Detail

Hiring event planners is something you do to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Of course, you expect a keen eye for detail from your event planner pro.

You want to find an event planner that is going to be involved in each stage of your event planning. Even if the event planner has associates that do some of the smaller tasks, you want to make sure you find a planner that stays on top of every aspect of your event.

Up to Digital Speed

In the past, technology was a sometimes-used tool to support some events. Nowadays, tech is vital no matter the event.

Before hiring an event planner, you'll want to find out exactly what ways your planner uses to manage events. 

If it's a spreadsheet, you may want to look elsewhere. These days, event management software is necessary to stay organized and modern. 

People Skills

Event planning involves dealing with many people in order to coordinate an event. From food and venue personnel to decor vendors and entertainers, there are many people involved in any event

Often, there is a great deal of stress involved. You want an event planner that is going to build and maintain good working relationships.

After all, the success of an event relies on people trusting each other and doing what they said they would. Having a bad relationship with any of the many people involved in an event can lead to disastrous consequences.

It's important to find an event planner that has good people skills, especially as the stress piles up closer to the event. 

Great at Networking 

The event planning industry is largely based on making connections.

If your event planner has a connection with a florist, baker, and photographer, chances are you will get a deal on these services.

This helps you stay on budget. And it helps you get better products and services for less.

You want to find a planner that has a network of event industry experts that can deliver exceptional results. 

Can Plan for Contingencies

Do events always go according to plan? Rarely. 

An event planner pro will have a backup plan and prepare for the worst case scenario, just in case.

Planning for contingencies requires careful planning. But sometimes, it means being able to react and adapt at the last minute.

When interviewing event planners, ask them about how they faced a crisis in the past and what the end result was.

Hiring event planners with a level head will go a long way in ensuring that even when the unexpected happens, the event will go on as smoothly as possible.

Creativity and Innovation

You probably don't want to put on a yawn-worthy, ho-hum event. So you'll need to find an event planner with an abundance of creativity and innovation.

Look for an event planner pro who has a reputation for developing fresh, exciting event ideas. The best event planners are those who are constantly thinking outside the box and presenting you with original ideas. 

This is one key way to ensure your event is a success. Remember, innovative doesn't have to mean expensive. There are plenty of inexpensive creative design ideas that you can use to wow your guests. 

Organization and Time Management Skills 

Though organization isn't as sexy as creativity and innovation, it is a vital skill that you'll look for in your next event planner.

Keeping appointments, meeting deadlines and ensuring the right permits, documents and information are ready is crucial to a successful event.

Someone that has good time management skills will be able to get the event planning done in an efficient manner.

You'll be able to judge an event planner's organization skills during your interview. Does he or she arrive on time, prepared with the right materials? If not, move on.  

Competitive Pricing

No matter what your event is, you have a budget for it. Price can tip the scale in favor of one event planner over another.

You may even want to ask your event planner candidates how often they come in under budget. 

But remember, the lowest price is not necessarily the best value. You need to consider what you are getting for the price before you make any decisions.

Bottom Line on How to Hire an Event Planner

We hope you've been able to see how vital it is to hire an event planner with all these qualifications.

Though it may seem daunting, the right event planner is out there.

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You'll connect with over 3,000+ event planning professionals, exhibitors, and industry leaders. You'll be sure to find exactly what you need to make your future events a resounding success.



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