How to Plan a Seminar That Encourages Your Sales Team to Boost Sales

May 22, 2019 Susan Serena

Seminars are amongst the key event types to plan when your goal is delivering information between a brand’s various teams and departments.

It becomes a “must do meeting” when your processes begin to increase along with the number of people working in key departments such as marketing, sales, and production. The more staff members you have, the more challenging it becomes to manage each sector of the company.

If you don’t host an engaging and educational seminar for your teams it may lead to manifesting a lot of discrepancy in their work which can negatively impact your brand’s outreach.

That’s why planning seminars are crucial for your sales team(s).

Keeping that in mind, let’s review the proper steps to take when planning a results-driven seminar for your sales teams:

Shape a learning culture

Before you begin planning seminars for your sales team, you must decide what your company’s culture and values are.

It’s vital that you develop a forward-thinking mindset that encourages learning within your various departments, and you can accomplish this by creating practical activities to run during your seminars.

An excellent example would be to introduce an activity that you can name “couch convo” where you can have your staff get to know one another better.

What’s couch convo you ask?

Typically, it’s something like a 30-minute discussion where various people from different departments, like content creators, bookkeepers, engineers, etc. gather round to indulge in work-related conversations and everyone can ask questions they may have for each department.

The main goal of couch convo (or similar learning activities) is to ensure that your entire staff is familiar with the internal life of the brand and they can each get a full understanding of everyone’s role.

Full knowledge of products and services

Listen, without your sales team fully knowing the products and services inside and out, there is no way they’re closing deals on the highest level. To give them a complete image of products, services, and all updates, you must invite every department to attend the seminar.

You can start your seminar by introducing all new product/service updates, enhancements, and fixes. Then the department who led the changes can answer questions the rest of the staff may have about the updates.

Next, you can have members of the marketing department share their latest strategy or approaches to enlighten the sales team on how to go about promoting the products or services.

This type of data sharing will encourage your sales team to use fresh tactics when conveying information to potential prospects and customers.

Live streaming your seminar

Lastly, if your sales team is global, you may find that it’s nearly impossible to gather everyone to attend the same seminar in person. That’s where live streaming comes in handy.

Live streaming events will allow your sales reps around the globe to unite and communicate about the latest updates and experiences with selling the products and services. Sharing ideas will develop the largest brainstorming session the company has seen. The various sales teams may be using tactics that other teams hadn’t thought of, and by live streaming the seminar, you’re now facilitating a global meeting of the minds that will help increase sales.


In terms of planning seminars for large companies, the main goal is to deliver the latest information on products or services to your entire staff because they stand at the front and center of the brand. They’re the ones who are presenting the products and services to the world and they must have a thorough understanding of the processes and updates that exist. Make sure you plan at least a few seminars each year to keep operations running smoothly and sales increasing.

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