What Parents Should Ask Before Booking a Children’s Event

May 23, 2019 Susan Serena

Never make the mistake of thinking that event planning companies only look for vendors who specialize in balloons or face painting when organizing a kid’s event.

It’s 2019, and it takes a whole lot more for event planning companies to attract parents to children’s events these days. Just like with corporate event planning, you’ll have to meet your guest’s specific needs, make a connection, and suggest that it will be worth their while.

Before booking your kid’s next party, here are some questions you’ll want to ask.

How will you engage the kids?

With the way modern technology and immersive events have spoiled parents, it no longer suffices to have a bowl full of candy and some face painters to impress your guests at a kid’s party. Event planning companies know that what parents are looking for these days are more activities that offer variety and educational value to entertain more than one child. Make sure that whomever you choose to plan your child’s party is offering multiple levels of participation.

Will the event fit everyone’s schedule?

Research demonstrates that 59% of Americans with families struggle to balance their schedule so attending a live event becomes a challenge. That’s why timing your event is everything and should be at the top of your list of considerations when organizing a party for your children.

You’ll want to schedule your kid’s event on one of the slower days of the week and during an hour that is convenient (so don’t pick a popular nap time where kids will be cranky).

Is the location convenient? Will parking be available?

Choosing the right location and venue comes with some forward thinking. How old are the majority of the invitees? Will parents have to carry a lot of things like snacks, clocks, water bottles, diapers, etc.? Yes? Then the where of your kid’s event is just as important as the when.

Make sure to consider:

  • Convenience for elderly folks or caretakers
  • Ramps and suitable room for strollers
  • Bathrooms with changing tables (in the men’s room too!)
  • Easily available waste disposals that will not affect the quality of your event (i.e. appropriate receptacles for muddy diapers)

Are the event planning companies worthy?

Google has become the be all, end all for parents. Adults rely on internet searches to read reviews, view images, check pricing, and much more when researching the best venue and event planning companies for their kid’s events.

Choosing an event planner who is warm and friendly with experience in planning and hosting a kid’s event is the way to go. You’ll want to choose an event planning company who has a trustworthy staff on hand that knows how to ensure that throughout the duration of the party, all guests are engaged and comfortable. During the planning stages, make sure the event planner you chose is completely familiar with the venue and your setup. They should know the rundown of activities and your expectations to guarantee satisfaction of not only their client (you), but of their potential clients (the invited parents).

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