Encourage a Diverse Event Turnout with These Insights

October 2, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Today’s in-person events are growing. From corporate events to social celebrations, event planners are seeing more frequency and attendance than ever before. But how good are you at inspiring a diverse attendee list? And are you doing what you can to curate events that are diverse and inclusive? Today, we’re sharing insights and suggestions to ensure you continue to appeal to the broadest audiences for all your New York events. Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will only boost your bottom line event results. 

Boost your own diversity skills as an event planner.

You can improve your skills as an event planner to be more inclusive by exploring various diversity certifications available. The Event Leadership Institute, for example, offers the Event DEI Strategist Certification. It’s a seven-week course that explores methods for creating more equitable and diverse event experiences. 

Invite a diverse lineup of speakers and guests.

Any events you curate that involve special guests, celebrity appearances, or keynote speakers present you with an opportunity to flex your DEI. Be mindful to book guests and speakers who are a great fit for your specific event. But also be diverse about booking these guests to equitably represent all audiences, including marginalized groups.

Use inclusive images and marketing representations.

Event planners spend a great deal of time with event marketing. And you can be inclusive with your event campaigns, social media promotions, and event apps. Choose images and content that equitably represent your audience. This might include images of individuals of different ethnicities. And it also means making sure that none of your marketing materials appear to embrace any one group, culture, religion, or political affiliation over another. 

Work with diverse vendors and event suppliers.

Consider partnering with minority-owned event services vendors or suppliers. Find diverse caterers, photographers, and entertainers. And at the very least, be mindful to only partner with event vendors who champion diversity and inclusion in their own businesses.

Prioritize event accessibility for everyone.

Inclusive events are those that are seamless and convenient for everyone to attend, feel welcome, and participate. Take time to make accessibility a priority, both digitally with online engagements and physically with in-person accessibility accommodations. Make your event engagement and experience a memorable experience for all guests, regardless of ability or background. 

Allow event guests to determine pronunciations and pronouns.

Make diversity and inclusion a part of your event invitation and registration process by providing an opportunity for guests to determine their pronunciations and pronouns. Let them dictate their own name tags or ID badges with the self-identification they prefer. These accommodations can be handled online via your event app or in person as guests arrive to your NYC event.

Embrace diversity and inclusion with your event planning efforts and start appealing to a broader audience of event clients and attendees. Learn even more about how to boost your event planning operations and business bottom line by getting tickets now to get in the room with TOP pros at The Event Planner Expo 2023! Time’s running out - The Expo kicks off October 10th!

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