Why Hire an Event Planner? 8 Surprising Benefits

October 4, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Planning an event, like a wedding, can be overwhelming and stressful. What if there was a secret weapon that could make the process smoother and more enjoyable?

That's the question we're about to answer.

People often see event planners as a remedy for the common headaches of event management. There's a deeper layer to their expertise. 

While most people know about the standard benefits of hiring an event planner, we have a different perspective. Beyond the obvious, there are eight surprising benefits that event planners bring to the table.

If you've wondered, "Why hire an event planner?"-keep reading. In this article, we'll explore the lesser-known advantages that can transform your next event planning experience.

1. Best Event Planner Helps Reduce Stress

How stress-free was your last event? If you were the primary planner, we'd bet you felt a little overwhelmed and pressed for time.

Part of an event planner's job is minimizing your stress. 

Event planners do the legwork. They research venues, manage vendor contracts, and create event timelines. There's no need for you to spend another minute drowning in a sea of spreadsheets.

The countless hours you spent on tasks that left you feeling overwhelmed are history.

If you planned an event where everything that could go wrong did, you wracked your brain trying to figure out what went wrong. 

Event planners have unique skills. They seem to magically anticipate potential issues and develop contingency plans. This skill puts them several steps ahead of any unforeseen challenge.

Instead of trying to handle the smallest details, you'll have the freedom to enjoy the excitement of your event. 

You can focus on what truly matters: making lasting memories with your guests. How does that sound for stress relief?

2. Unique and Authentic Personalization

Many people expect an event planner to work with their predetermined vision. Most event planners are happy to do so, but why not take advantage of their full skill set?

A benefit you may not have thought about is that a great event planner has a talent for creating an event that feels so much like you that your guests assume you handled all the planning.

How does that happen?

It can only happen when you work with an event planner who takes the time to understand you. The little bit of extra time they take to get to know your preferences, values, and personal style will pay off on the day of your event.

What you get on event night is a little like a biography. Your writing assistant (the event planner) compiles all the details of your story and brings it to life for your guests.

The level of personalization a good event planner brings to the table can take your next event from ordinary to one your guests will remember for years to come.

3. Problem-Solving and Crisis Management

We just talked about how an event planner can anticipate and resolve problems. Since this is one of the most often overlooked benefits of hiring an event planner, let's take the discussion one step further. 

Event planners are no strangers to high-pressure situations. An experienced event planner has already faced many unexpected challenges. They've perfected the skill of remaining calm and collected.

Sudden downpour at an outdoor wedding? An event planner will step in and get everyone under cover. After the storm, they quickly wipe down chairs and get everyone back in order. 

If a vendor doesn't show up, or there's a technical issue during your keynote presentation, your event planner will assess the situation and spring into action.

All event planners have stories to tell about crises they've averted. They've seen it all, and the good ones can navigate the trickiest of situations.

4. Emotionally Invested in Your Success

Planning an event can be an emotionally charged activity.

There's always a sense of excitement and anticipation. And why not? Bringing a vision to life and watching it unfold is emotionally fulfilling.

Event planners love sharing in the excitement with their clients. They're there to see your guests (and you) enjoying themselves. They're also there at the end of the event when everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Can you imagine sharing your experience with someone who has a vested interest in the success of your event?

Event planners dedicate a lot of time and effort to bringing events to life.  They experience a range of emotions like yours.

For many planners, it's the emotional investment that's the driving force behind their dedication to creating exceptional events.

5. Their Negotiating Ability Can Save You Money

Another of the surprising benefits of hiring an event planner is their knack for securing better deals with vendors. They're also skilled at finding innovative ways to stretch your budget.

Event planners have a vast network of vendor relationships. They know which vendors are reliable. They also know which ones offer the best value.

Their insider knowledge allows them to secure discounts and deals, which they pass on to their clients. A good event planner is a skilled negotiator-something many people don't know how to do.

In addition to their excellent negotiation skills, event planners have an uncanny ability to spot hidden costs. These costs, if not detected, can have a negative impact on your event budget.

Hidden costs include unexpected venue fees and surcharges. Hiring an event planner with a sharp eye for detail can save you from costly surprises. 

6. Expertise in Navigating Local Regulations

How familiar are you with the rules about permits in the city where you want to hold an event? Whether you're planning a wedding, or your company is sponsoring a fund-raising event, it's critical to stay on the right side of the law.

You can only imagine the various scenarios involving permits.

The couple planning their outdoor wedding in a city park, only to find out days before the event that they don't have the necessary permits. What about the people organizing a corporate conference who unknowingly violate their city's zoning regulations?

Event planners know how to navigate the often complex web of local regulations and permit requirements. They know which permits you need for your event, how to apply for them, and when to submit the applications.

Instead of handling bureaucratic red tape, you can focus on the fun aspects of your event, such as choosing your favorite local entertainment.

7. Exclusive Venues and Hidden Gems

Event planners have their fingers on the pulse of the event industry. This gives them insider knowledge of venues not typically advertised to the public. 

These venues might be tucked away in scenic locations. Some have historical significance. Others offer unique architectural features. 

They're often off the beaten path, making them hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Owners of some of the most exclusive venues prefer to maintain a discreet presence. They only cater to a select few. Event planners, due to their industry connections and reputation, have access to these off-market opportunities. 

These exclusive properties include private estates, historic landmarks, and luxurious yachts. Some are unconventional spaces that add a unique element to your event.

Can you imagine the impact of hosting an event in an exclusive or hidden gem venue? 

Whether it's a historic castle, an intimate vineyard, or a rooftop garden, the venue becomes an integral part of the event's narrative. Guests will have something to talk about for a long time.

Event planners can leverage their relationships with venue owners and managers to negotiate favorable terms. They often get access to amenities that aren't available to the general public.

8. Event Planners and Tech

One of the lesser-known but highly valuable benefits of hiring an event planner is their skill in using technology. They stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends in the event planning industry. 

If you're planning a corporate event, you need a partner who knows how to integrate cutting-edge technology. For example, two of the latest tech trends are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Your event planner can use these types of technology to transport guests to virtual worlds where they can have unique interactive experiences. 

For example, attendees can explore a virtual art museum during your fund-raising gala. If you're launching a new product, let attendees view it in an augmented reality showroom.

Have you heard of smart event apps? Event planners can develop customized event apps that provide attendees with real-time information. Apps may include links to networking opportunities and other interactive features.

By incorporating innovative technologies in unexpected ways, event planners help you create an engaging experience that leaves attendees both surprised and delighted. 

Help Prospective Clients Learn How to Choose an Event Planner

We've touched on some of the unique benefits of hiring an event planner. These make a fantastic resource to share with prospective clients who ask, "Why hire an event planner?"

If you're looking to learn more about event planning and discover ways to help prospective clients choose your event planning services, you'll want to attend the Event Planner Expo. 

Our next event takes place October 10-12, 2023 in New York City. Visit our website for more information and to reserve your tickets today.

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