Event Services 101: Event Planning Trends in 2023

January 20, 2023 Mario Stewart

Event services and planning is a burgeoning and exciting field to be in, especially in 2022. Modern events are nothing like back in the day. They are an entirely different ballgame.

An estimated 1.8 million events take place in the United States every year. And 1.8 million people are employed in the event planning industry.

Additionally, event planning and event attendance are only going to keep growing in the future. If you are an event planner in New York and wondering what trends in event services to keep in mind for 2022, you are in the right place. In this article, we will explain to you all the ways event planning will evolve and grow so you can stay in vogue.

1. Online and Offline Events Mingle

Hybrid events where both offline and online schedules mingle will become more common. In the past, an event was either held online or offline, but as audiences become busier and need flexibility in attendance parameters, events will have to offer the possibility of attending both online and offline.

2. Inclusivity and Diversity Are Paramount

The world is moving away from separation and ignorance. This means that you will need to create events that gear towards and include everyone. Events need to become accessible to everyone regardless of gender, race, disability, sexuality, and more.

3. Multinational Audiences Participate

Your audiences will show up from all over the world, not just in the city you are holding your event. This means you will have to think about how to make sure these multinational audiences feel included and comfortable with everything you've planned for your event. Having translators on hand, a variety of dishes on the event menu, and hiring diverse speakers are all things you can do to help out your mixed audience.

4. Customers Demand a Flawless Event Experience

From start to finish, modern clients demand an event experience that's out of this world. Start using tools like online ticketing, real-time interpretation and closed-captioning, real-time chat, remote registration, and more, to keep up with your customer demands.

5. Focus on Online and Offline Safety Grows

Cybercrimes are becoming a real threat when it comes to online client safety and terrorism threats and pandemics are a menace to offline events. When planning your events, keep safety front and center in your mind, so you can plan around it. It can be a great marketing point for your event as well.

Event Services in 2022 Are Evolving Rapidly

Things change rapidly in the modern world. From one day to the next, places, buildings, people, and events become unrecognizable. Event planners have to keep up with these fast-paced changes.

It becomes even more important to do so if you wish to become the best event planner in New York, a highly competitive market. Knowledge of the upcoming trends becomes crucial in this regard.

Keep on top of event services and trends by attending this year's Event Planner Expo and 10-Year Anniversary and learning from the experts out there. Buy your tickets here.

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