Fundraising for Success: 5 Strategies Every Charitable Event Should Have

January 19, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Let’s talk about fundraisers. New York event planners know the unique dynamics involved when coordinating such an event. Like other types of corporate or social events, the fundraiser needs to be engaging, entertaining, and sometimes educational. But some might argue it needs to be more, especially when raising money for various charities and causes. So what can you, as an event professional, be doing to make your fundraising events more successful? Start by making sure your fundraiser has these essential elements.

1. Event Goals As Well As Fundraising Goals

As you would with any other event, you’ll need to outline what event success looks like. Are there attendance benchmarks or engagement scores you’d like to hit? But with fundraising, you’ll likely have charitable donation goals to consider, as well. You’ll need to know what your clients hope to raise at these fundraisers. No matter how stunning of a gala you put together if you’re not hitting those monetary goals, it won’t be a success. This will help you choose what event style makes the most sense, including awareness runs/walks, charity auctions, celebrity fundraisers, upscale galas, or public-facing drive events.

2. Marketing Initiatives and Strategies

Marketing your fundraiser or charitable event requires a different playbook than some more traditional soirees. The core messaging will need to represent those charitable organizations involved in your gala. And you’ll want to leverage all available channels, including email marketing, social media marketing, and traditional invitations. Create dedicated landing pages and funnels that allow you to follow up with potential attendees with reminders and excitement-building messages that ensure guests arrive and donate freely.

3. Sponsors and Supporters

Have a clear and objective strategy in place to coordinate potential event supporters and fundraising sponsors. The more brands you can get involved with your gala, the broader the reach of your messaging and the more credible your fundraiser will be. Coordinate to develop various tiers and levels of sponsorship and opt-in opportunities, representing different price points and supporter benefits. Create VIP access or experiences as incentives for those influential people or brands willing to back your event.

4. Automation for Seamless Interaction

Remember, everything will need to be automated. From digital invites and badge scanners to electronic donation methods, your New York fundraiser won’t be a success with a robust digital backbone. It’s entirely ok to still use the traditional methods that work, like personalized invitations or television coverage. But the more virtual options you have available, the more engaged your guests will be.

5. Over-the-Top Experiences

No one ever remembers a boring gala. And no one Tweets about yawn-worthy fundraisers. If you really hope to make a splash with your event, bring all the elements needed to make it an over-the-top memorable experience. Celebrity appearances, live entertainment, and exquisite dining are all part of the fundraising success equation.

So, when you’re planning New York fundraising events this year, make sure you have the best strategies in place for ultimate success. Speaking of success, make sure you’re on the waiting list for The Event Planner Expo 2023!

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