How to Ace Your Live Sessions on Social Media

March 15, 2022 Susan Serena

Streaming live sessions on social media has grown in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic started. The live streaming feature on major social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allowed for virtual connection at a time when the world needed human connection most.

As it continues to be a soaring form of content, we want to teach you how to benefit from this level of engagement with your audience.

Here are some excellent tips on:

How to Ace Your Live Sessions on Social Media

Every great content marketer can tell you that when you source content from your existing followers and trending hashtags, you’re already winning. You’re giving your audience what they want, and you know what they want, because you checked.

Delivering high-value content should be your key objective and you won’t know what will be of importance to your audience unless you do the research first. If the topic or theme isn’t clear based on researching what your followers have been posting about, then simply ask them to tell you what they want to know or learn more about through a poll.

Promoting Your Live Sessions on Social Media

Keep in mind that it’s not a blog post that you’re promoting, so it’s essential that you first generate interest before delivering a live experience to your audience. Facebook is the top platform for doing just that. We suggest that you initiate your planning process by creating your upcoming live session as an actual event. This will allow your followers to RSVP, giving you an idea of what to expect in attendance, and it will create notifications that will remind them not to miss out. Feel free to send out reminders prior to your live session to excite them but always attach something of value to those reminders (like highlighting some of the topics you’ll be covering) so that they’re even more excited to attend.

Bonus tip: Announcing giveaways or a possible raffle that will take place during your live will also increase your audience’s eagerness to attend. To ensure that they stay on the live session to the end, run your giveaway or raffle at the end of your session.

How to Prepare for Your Live Sessions

A live session on social media is not a pre-produced event that requires a ton of planning. It’s a more laidback approach to providing an experience. However, you should still have a checklist of items that will finetune the quality of your live broadcast. You should test for:

  1. Camera – Run some test recordings with your camera so that you can play the video back to see what you’ll audience will see. Use a tripod if needed to keep your camera sturdy in the position and angle you desire.
  2. Microphone – Same as above, run a test recording to hear your sound quality and if needed, buy a microphone that has background noise cancellation.
  3. Lighting – Lighting is just as important as the other items on your checklist. Playing back your test recording will help you see where your scenery may need more lighting. Since live sessions on social media and vlogging has become so popular, you can easily find the proper and inexpensive (sometimes) lighting equipment online.
  4. Background – Your background scene or theme will depend on what you want to represent on your live sessions. Remember that you represent your brand so how you want your audience to perceive your brand should be kept at the forefront when planning your live sessions.
  5. Streaming software – Using software platforms like Streamyard or Zoom will allow you to stream and record your live sessions on your social media profiles/pages.



Even a live session on social media is a representation of your brand and the content that your brand produces. Remember that delivering high-quality value on your live sessions is your mission and an increase in engagement and following is the return you’ll receive on your invested time.

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