Make Your Halloween Party Scream with These 7 Essential Planning Elements

September 29, 2022 Desiree Homer

For some event planners, Halloween is the busiest time of year. And there are costume galas, corporate costume parties, and social celebrations going on all month long. If you’re preparing for a few of these New York festivities yourself, this is the ultimate list of spooktacular essentials to ensure your party is a total scream!

1. Scary Fun Menu Selections

Whether you’re working with an independent caterer or the venue’s house catering service, talk with your food prep professionals about incorporating fun and spooky menu delights for event guests. Of course, jack-o-Lantern cookies and fruit assemblies are always great options. But get creative, too, with spider-shaped ice cubes in the punch or ghost-shaped hors d'oeuvres. 

2. Adults Love Tricks & Treats

Don’t presume trick or treating is just for the kiddos. Include trick-or-treating gift bags and goodie swag that makes adult event guests feel like they’re kids again! Get the good candy and toss in a few spider rings and light-up witch pins. 

3. Halloween Beverage Favorites

In addition to any select bar or beverage stations, you might already have, consider introducing some Halloween drinks everyone will love, too. Mulled ciders, hot cocoas, and bright red punch varieties will all blend well with your event theme and the Halloween season.

4. Spooky Sounds & Ambiance

Even if you have guest speakers lined up for a stage performance or DJs and bands as live entertainment, consider playing some ghoulish Halloween tunes in between performances and announcements. There are plenty of sound collabs featuring creaking doors, witches' cackles, and eerie ensembles that help transform any event into a spooky place to party.

5. Halloween Movies & Trivia

Either as a backdrop to your event or as an attendee activity, find ways to incorporate Halloween movie favorites into your New York celebration. Some Night of the Living Dead or It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown playing on an overhead screen is a great addition to the party scenery. But strategize some networking trivia with Halloween movie questions and game prizes. 

6. Stage Costume Accessories

Even if you’re expecting guests to arrive in full costume, consider putting out a variety of costume accessories for even more fun. There will likely be some attendees who’d happily grab a wig, masks, feather boa, or some giant sunglasses to accentuate their looks. And for anyone who didn’t come dressed up, there will be plenty of last-minute options for them to sample.

7. Selfie Station Stocked with Spooky Essentials

Encourage your event attendees to pose in front of Frankenstein or pretend to be Dracula’s next vampiric victim as part of a selfie station. Designed to invite guests to take their own photos for online posting and sharing, these randomly placed Halloween scenes and backdrops can be incredibly fun. Make sure all the props are handy, too, like witches' hats, broomsticks, and masks. Finally, be sure to post signage that outlines your hashtag for the event so guests know just how to promote the fun they’re having.

Keep these Halloween-themed essentials in mind to help make your upcoming event spooky and fun! And speaking of upcoming events, make sure you have your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2022 happening this month!

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