Questions to Ask an Event Planner for Your Wedding

January 6, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Weddings account for a $58 billion industry today. It's no surprise that this industry generates so much money when you consider the gravity of the occasion. You're tying the knot with the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with. The two of you may choose to have kids and start a family, and it's an occasion that brings two families together.

If you're hoping to have the day go off without a hitch, you must hire a wedding planner that is equipped to assist you. This starts by knowing the right questions to ask.

These tips will help you out when you're looking for the help of an event planner that can assist you with your wedding.

Learn Their Rates

Hiring a wedding planner is a non-starter if you can't afford their rates. This research is particularly important if you're hiring an event planner in New York since it's the biggest city in the country and a competitive market.

Wedding planners charge about $1700, per national averages. You'll pay more or less depending on the details that go into planning your event, and the scale and magnitude of it.

Start by getting a breakdown of your wedding planner's rates in writing, so that you know completely what to expect.

Find Out What Areas They May Specialize In

If you're working out a deal with an event planner in NY, make sure to also learn their specialties. There are all sorts of wedding styles that they may specialize in, including:

  • Indoor or outdoor weddings
  • Travel destination weddings
  • Religious wedding ceremonies
  • Retro or vintage weddings
  • Weddings set on the beach or other natural areas
  • Elopement weddings
  • Weddings at resorts or hotels

Understanding their specialties can solidify that they're the right planner to bring your ideas to fruition, or you might explore weddings that hadn't previously crossed your mind.

Ask About the Conferences They Attend

The best event planner stays ahead of the curve by learning what's going on in the industry. Just like other professionals continue their education, wedding planners have to attend event trade shows to keep their finger on the pulse, network, and bring new ideas back home with them.

Ask these pros which event planner conferences they attend to know what information they're taking in, and to make sure they take their craft seriously.

Attending some event planner expos can also help you kick around some ideas, so you can come prepared with the right questions.

Some of the best event planner conferences that you can attend include:

  • The Event Planner Expo
  • New York Bridal and Wedding Expo
  • California Bridal and Wedding Expo
  • PCMA Convening Leaders
  • Wedding MBA
  • Independent Planner Education Conference (IPEC)

Many of these event planner conferences and wedding trade shows are held in Las Vegas, which is a wedding capital. Consider booking a trip to Sin City to do some wedding planning research while also holding your bachelor or bachelorette party, or to just enjoy a nice vacation. It's a great opportunity to network with wedding planners and vendors as you look forward to your big day.


Get a Detailed Consultation About Your Wedding

When you book a session with a New York event planner, make sure the details are specific to your wedding. Not only will this deliver a more customized quote, but you'll also have a better idea about their services and what they can do for you.

Taking a look at the services they provide and their portfolio is just the starting point. Leave no stone unturned when telling them your big picture wedding dreams, along with the details that will put the icing on the cake. The more you explore with your wedding planner, the more they can point you in the direction of other professionals they have relationships with that can help you put it all together.

Wedding planners can also give you references and suggestions on photographers, videographers, bakers, and a variety of other professionals.

Bring COVID Into the Conversation

The reality of life today is that COVID-19 is something we all have to live with and plan around. While vaccines have helped get it under control and variants are less life-threatening, it's important that you have the COVID conversation with your planner.

Ask them about their protocols and whether they have requirements. Find out if they have contingency plans in place or advice that they can offer if guests come into contact with COVID.

Request a Copy of the Contract to Read Over

Never do business with a wedding planner until you read through the contract. This will help you learn all of the terms upfront so you're aware of all of the clauses you're signing up for. Find out how much of a deposit you have to pay upfront and when the remainder is due.

The contract should also explain the wedding planner's responsibilities on the day of the event. Most importantly, make certain that the planner has your date available and that your contract and deposit secure it for you.

Choose a Quality Event Planner

The points above will help you out when you're looking for an event planner to help you with your special day. When you put the time and effort into finding a quality planner, you're that much closer to getting the results that you're looking for.

We're happy to be your one-stop shop for wedding and event planning advice. Browse our other blog articles for more information, and contact us on our site, or by calling (212)254-3700.

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