Summer Events: Planning and Promoting a Modern Family Event

May 30, 2019 Susan Serena

Over one million millennials are becoming parents each year, so when you think of what today’s modern family wants to see at events, keep that in mind. You are looking to appeal to the tech savvy, experience-driven, game-changing demographic of the world.

Family-friendly events are huge during the summer because finding entertainment for the entire family is the best pastime when school is out and on weekends. Having to plan events for modern parents means you must remember that you are planning for people who are into impactful live experiences. But, how do you attract their attention and satisfy their expectations?

We’ll tell you how.

If you’re involved in the planning of a family-friendly event for today’s modern parents, here are some excellent event planning tips that will help you succeed.

Family events are not just for kids

Young and modern parents are all about event experiences, and that rings true for what they want for their kids.

While you may think a lot of parents want to just drop their kids off for a few hours at an event so they can enjoy it themselves sans children, the truth is millennial parents prefer to spend time with their little ones way more than previous generations. So, your looking to appeal to both the parents and their kids. Add activities to the agenda that would be interactive and enjoyable for all ages.

Make it easy for busy parents

Here’s what millennial parents want to know before deciding on an event to attend:

  • How interesting will the event be for ALL of my kids? Think about the entire family dynamic being that most families have more than one kid, and of various ages. You want to add activities that are exciting for all age groups and would be fun for even Grandma and Grandpa in case they tag along.
  • When is it? You need to remember your target audience’s various age groups and their parent’s busy schedule when setting a day and time for your family-friendly event this summer. Remember that most parents keep their kids busy with activities, playtime, naptime, and mealtime. Try to find a time bracket that wouldn’t interfere with a time when these things are going on. Ideally, you should shoot for late afternoon over the weekend days. Or, you can do a multi-day event at different times of the day so that they can pick and choose which day/time best fits their schedule.
  • How far will the parking lot be? This is a no brainer. You don’t need an event planning tips guide to tell you that people prefer convenience. Don’t let parents envision just how far they’d have to walk with the plethora of items they need to carry for their kids. You want them to think, “oh wow that’s very close!”
  • Who’s endorsing this event? Today’s modern parents heavily rely on what the internet has to say about everything they get into. They want to see images, read reviews, read about safety, and see what other parents are saying. Try to partner with mom bloggers and trusted influencers to promote your family-friendly event. After all, that’s today’s form of “word of mouth.”

Reach today’s parents with social media

The top two sources for millennial parents to find events is through word of mouth and social media. Social media marketers could tell you that the best way to promote a family-friendly event on social media would be to:

  • Post videos that show families of all ages enjoying themselves at your event. Boost the ads on social media and select parents as your target audience.
  • Content streams are vital to successfully advertising an event, so post often and make sure your posting engaging content to open up the floor for conversations about your event.
  • Enable a “buy now” button on your ads to facilitate immediate ticket sales.
  • Partner with bloggers and influencers from the local area because chances are, they already have the attention of local parents. Their followers are your potential attendees.

For more event planning tips that will ensure a good turnout at your next event, be sure to check out The Event Planner Expo blog each week.

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