The Importance of Networking in Event Planning: Building Relationships

April 17, 2024 Jessica Stewart

It seems counterintuitive that NYC event planners would need networking advice. After all, you love get-togethers so much that you’ve made it your life’s work to create unforgettable social gatherings.

But there’s socializing, then there’s networking. And while the two can look and feel the same, networking has lofty goals and unbeatable advantages to your event planning business. In this article, we’ll tell you why networking is important for event planners and how to use your social butterfly ways to make your event planning business soar.

What Networking Is (And Isn’t)

At the most basic (and honest) level, networking builds relationships that help advance your career. But if you treat networking as if that’s all it is, you’ll come across as cold and calculating, And your efforts will be dead in the water.

That’s why successful networking builds a mutually beneficial web of connections. We say a “web” of connections because, on an individual level, the benefits may not balance out. For example, someone new to event planning may not have much to offer you. But you help them out anyway, knowing that somewhere along the line, someone will give generously to you.

How Networking Helps Your NYC Event Planning Business

You probably already tap into your network to find new clients. But your network is important for so much more than marketing. Consider the following ways your network can help your career as a NYC event planner.

Get Fresh Ideas from Your Network

In many ways, your success as a NYC event planner depends on your ability to be innovative. Your network could be a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration. Get wind of upcoming trends, get the inside scoop on new venues, and hear about how your peers use technology to make events better.

Boost Your Brand

Better than logos, slogans, and marketing campaigns, you—in the flesh—are the best representation of your brand. When you insert yourself in the thick of event planning happenings, you’ll strengthen your image as a heavyweight in the NYC event planning industry.

Get Help When You Need It

Having trouble booking premier talent? Does your client want AI-powered event mapping, and you have no idea where to start? Or maybe an engaged couple wants to get married inside a shark tank, and you don’t know what permits you need. Whatever your dilemma, a large network can help you out.

Land More Gigs

Among the countless benefits networking brings, landing more clients for your event planning business is the sweetest. Sure, networking can put you face-to-face with more people who are looking for a NYC event planner. But you’re also more likely to find new clients through the grapevine. Or an event planning peer may be overbooked and send new work your way.

Networking Tips for NYC Event Planners

To reap the various benefits of networking, you need to build a large and diverse network. Luckily, you already have the socializing chops to get out there and make it happen. Below, we have some tips on how to channel the outgoing side of your personality toward growing your event-planning business.

Join a Chamber—or a Few

Do you realize how many Chambers of Commerce there are in New York City? In addition to chambers designated by geographical region, there are also chambers designated by ethnicity, orientation, and gender.  

Chambers of Commerce hosts a wide variety of networking events and groups. Joining a chamber will get your business name on their website and print publications. They’re a great way to get to know people in your community and get the word out about your NYC event planning business.

Volunteer Your Event Planning Services to a Charity

Plan an event pro bono for a worthy charity. Giving to social causes will boost your brand’s reputation. It will also showcase your services to a wide variety of attendees.

Be mindful of the potential for controversy when choosing a charity worthy of your services. Ask yourself how aligning yourself with a particular charity will affect your reputation. The answer may not matter if you’re passionate about the cause. But being aware that you might get some flak will help you be prepared.

Join Professional Event Planning Associations

Professional associations for event planners offer benefits that go beyond expanding your network. Many also have mentoring programs and continuing education opportunities. Additionally, you’ll gain access to national conferences and a nationwide network of fellow members. And most professional associations also have local chapters in NYC.

Network Online

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of networking online. Internet and social media groups are especially helpful for sharing information. Instead of asking one person or a small group, you’re broadcasting your query to potentially thousands.

Popular apps such as LinkedIn and Facebook have robust and active groups for event planning professionals. And this being the greatest city in the world, chances are pretty high you’ll find fellow New Yorkers with whom you can network in person.

Additional Networking Tips

You already know how to do a mixer and make small talk. But here are some tips for making the most of your networking efforts.

Have an elevator pitch. Be ready with two to three sentences that succinctly tell people what you do (and why you’re awesome).

Be an asset for others. Offer help and encouragement when you can.

Seek out leadership roles. Organizations need everything from treasurers to chairpeople to run smoothly. Volunteer for these leadership roles.

Attend the Most Happening Expo in NYC

Industry events are another great way for NYC event planners to network and grow their business. The Event Planner Expo 2024 is your chance to network with over 2,000 industry professionals and connect with thousands of potential clients. Reserve your booth today at The Event Planner Expo 2024. And prepare to form the strategic relationships your business needs to grow and succeed!

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