Why Choosing the Right New York Venue Can Make Your Event

November 30, 2022 Jessica Stewart

You’re a New York event planning professional. And you know just how mission-critical important it is to choose the right venue for every event you plan. Each event or conference calls for unique aesthetics and needs, including venue space, entertainment options, parking, catering layout, and accessibility. Choosing the wrong venue could spell doom for your guests’ experiences. But there’s even more at stake. If you need reinforcement, keep reading. Here’s why choosing the perfect New York event venue

Location Matters

For starters, your chosen New York venue has to be in the perfect location. Whether your event guests are all local New Yorkers or guests traveling from abroad, you’ll need a venue that’s easy to find and get to without hassle. Parking should be a consideration, as should proximity to local transportation. No matter how incredible every other aspect of your event ends up being, if guests aren’t impressed with the location or have trouble getting there, they’ll take issue. Event planner venue considerations should always start with location.

Facility Layout Matters

Do you need a stage with audiovisual equipment for corporate presentations? Does your event call for a sprawling dance floor with lights and ample room for a live band or DJ? Is your New York conference an all-day event with a need for breakout sessions and lounges? The layout of your chosen New York venue should meet every potential need of the event. And choosing the wrong venue could spell disaster if there are headaches with setup, layout, and attendee experiences.

Atmosphere Matters

If you’re hosting a family bar/bat mitzvah, you probably won’t want a nightclub vibe. A corporate trade show will need to provide a venue atmosphere that’s conducive to mingling, networking, and exhibitions, meaning lighting and aesthetics matter. If your event is modern and upscale, look to find the New York venue that complements your theme. And be sure that every detail you expect to plan is compatible with the venue’s overall look and feel. 

As you evaluate your New York venue options with catering, available amenities, and extras, keep these other aspects in mind. Choosing the best-fit venue will make your event, and alternatively, booking the wrong venue could break it. For other event planning tips, keep up with our series of ongoing blogs. And be sure you’re on our official waitlist for The Event Planner Expo 2023! It’s the number one New York conference for event planning professionals!

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